Getting Ready for the Week

Hi Internet People,

This weekend I was amazed to see how many views my Funko Surprise Box Unboxing got on YouTube. Thank you if you watched it and really just thank you if you’ve ever checked out my channel. I’m thinking when I get 50 subscribers on my channel that I’ll do a giveaway. I know there are channels with tons of subscribers, but hitting 50 would be amazing. I’m only 28 away so if you are interested in a giveaway please get the word out. I have some cool stuff I would love to share with you all.

This week I’m working tonight and Tuesday morning, but then I get Wednesday and Thursday off. I think I’m going to a little party with my friend Bri on Tuesday night. We also might go to see Victor Frankenstein on Wednesday night. I know it didn’t get very good reviews, but I still want to see it. I mean I sat through I, Frankenstein and I’m pretty sure no Frankenstein movie can be worse than that one. Thursday I’m going to be live tweeting the last four episodes of Hemlock Grove season three with @_JonathanWhite_ and @quietlikeastorm. We want to finish it while we still have time. I have a feeling the last four will be really crazy. The creepy dragon dude and the baby have to show up soon and that is going to be insane I think.

I’m thinking I’ll do a casual cosplay this week. I’ll tweet out a poll to see what you guys are interested in. I’m thinking Harley Quinn or The Joker right now. I also want to do another cover, but I haven’t officially picked a song yet. I’m also going to do a Black Friday Haul Video. I think it’s going to be a fun week, though it’s probably going to be pretty busy. You can catch up on all my older videos until I get the new ones posted on my channel.

I have a movie review up on The Nerdy Girl Express today and I’ll have another going up on Tuesday. One convenient thing about working at the video store is that I get to see some new releases a bit early. I’ll also have  Scream Queens and AHS: Hotel recaps up too. Yay for no more hiatuses! Well, at least until Christmas time.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



Blogging with Benny: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

Hi Internet People,

We are finally back to posting pictures of Benny on Sundays! This week was pretty busy with my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping, but he and I were still able to get some photos in for you lovely people. Now let’s get to the pictures!


This first one is from my birthday. Benny decided he wanted to help unwrap things while I got changed after work. If you want to see what I got let me know, I could do a mini haul video on YouTube.

These next two photos are from Thanksgiving. Most of the family went out to a buffet place for dinner, we only cook Christmas dinner and always eat out for Thanksgiving. Benny decided he would spend the day at home making his own feast since we’d have to eat and then I’d have to head in to work.



I’m pretty sure he eventually cooked the sweet potatoes, he sent me this pic while we were at dinner and asked us to bring him a to go box, but that bag of potatoes was gone by the time we got back.

Benny didn’t really want to go Black Friday shopping, but he did help us go through our bags when we got home. He did insist we bring him a pretzel from the mall though.


Saturday we had a bit more birthday celebrating because my family was busy on my actual birthday. We went out to eat and brought home an ice cream cake. Benny was really excited and helped me polish off the last piece.


This last picture is really just here because at one point Benny decided he wanted to try and scare me so he hid in the dining room while I was cleaning up after the cake. He definitely made me jump. I added a bit of a filter because it was super hard to see him in the dark.


I think it looks very vintage like a tintype photo. I’d actually consider framing the pic because it looks fancy.

I think I’m going to do that Black Friday haul video that I mentioned, I got everything really cheap and some of the stuff I was really excited to find. I could throw in my birthday stuff too since I wound up with some super random stuff. You can check out any of my previous videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. You can also find some of my articles on The Nerdy Girl Express. If you have any suggestions for videos I should do or things you want to see you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. You can also tweet at Benny, @skeletonbenny, he isn’t always on his Twitter, but he’ll try and reply when he can.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


Side Effects of Black Fridaying

Hi Internet People,

I made it through Black Friday and today I’m reflecting on all the things that happened after I went shopping and slept. After posting yesterday and making sure my video was up, I slept until 4 pm, and then showered and got ready for work. My family ordered pizza for dinner, which I think technically also counted as dinner or maybe lunch for me. I ate breakfast before I fell asleep so I honestly don’t know what the pizza technically was. A post nap refreshment? I had a lot of Diet Mountain Dew to keep me going and headed out to work, which meant I was moving, but not entirely coherent.

At work though I honestly couldn’t remember which day of the week it was. I really thought it was Saturday for a solid hour and kept having to check our cheat sheet to see when movies were due back. I was so tired that even customers commented on the fact that I looked like I needed sleep. My manager and the coworker thought I was hilarious because I didn’t really have much of a filter, not that I have much of one to begin with. I made it through the night and got to go home at 12:15. We were pretty busy so even though I was tired I just had to keep pressing on. Still a bit tired so this post isn’t very exciting. I’ll be back to my more awake self soon. I do have a bunch of videos up on my YouTube channel, including the Funko Unboxing. I also made a video for The Nerdy Girl Express to announce who won our Twitter contest.

Today I’m going out and about again and celebrating a belated birthday with my family. I’m using this as an excuse to finally wear my new brain dress. I’ll be posting pics on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and I might make a quick YouTube video of it because I think it’s a really cute dress. I hope you’re all recuperating from Thanksgiving and any shopping that you did. If you weren’t holidaying it up, I hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


So Very Tired

Hi Internet People,

It has been a very long day for me. As of right now I have been up since about 1:00 pm on Thursday the 26th, yes that’s very late in the afternoon, but I was preparing for the marathon of a day I was going to be having. We had our family dinner around 3:30, then I had to be at work from 6-11:15. As soon as I got done at work I got changed and I went out Black Friday shopping with my brother and sister.

We went to a bunch of different places, the two I planned specifically were Hot Topic and GameStop. I bought way more stuff than I probably should have, but the sales were really good. I got so many Funko things. My friend Bri came with us for part of the night and wound up giving me three Pops as a birthday present so it looked like I bought even more than I actually did. If you want me to do a haul video on my YouTube channel I can. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @kleffnotes. I just uploaded a video of me opening the special GameStop Funko Surprise Box. That’s actually the reason I’m up so late. The store didn’t open until 5 am and after that we grabbed breakfast at Bob Evan’s. I made sure to get coffee so I could make it through filming, editing, and uploading without falling asleep.

I’m about to go to sleep, just have to get this up and tweet out the video. I have to be to work at 6 tonight and I work until 12:15, thankfully I don’t work Saturday. I will have a video revealing the winner of The Nerdy Girl Express Twitter contest up on Saturday, so you should definitely keep an eye out. Okay, I really need to get to sleep.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


Being Thankful and Eating Lots of Potatoes

Hi Internet People,

Today is Thanksgiving for me and that means I’ll be spending the day with my family and eating way more carbs and starchy food than I should probably eat in one sitting. We go out to dinner for Thanksgiving and the mashed potatoes at this place are delicious. They are my primary item of the day. I’m also working and shopping for part of today. I know some of you are also celebrating Thanksgiving today and I’m sure you are busy and enjoying time with your family, or at least I hope you are. If you are by yourself today or not celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you still have a wonderful day and find some tasty food to indulge in, I suggest anything with potatoes.

I would like to briefly say that I am thankful for all you who read my blog, watch my YouTube videos, chat with me on Twitter (@kleffnotes), check out my articles on The Nerdy Girl Express, and have ever tuned into one of my Periscopes. You have all made me feel so happy. I am also thankful for all the people I have met through the iZombie fandom. Since the show started I have met amazing people who have helped me to grow as a person and find my voice and the courage to do things I had never done before. I am also thankful for my family and for my friends, both new and old. I know there are a myriad number of things that I should be thankful for, but those are the highlights.

I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy yourselves. Oh and if you’re going Black Friday shopping, be careful!

Talk to ya tomorrow,


No Bake Brains from my iZombie Kitchen

Hi Internet People,

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another recipe from my iZombie kitchen. Even though there wasn’t a new episode of iZombie this week I still made sure to have tasty brains ready for all the iZombie Obsessed brainies and what made Tuesday night of this week extra cool was the fact that Rose McIver retweeted by brains. I was at work and didn’t notice right away, but I totally lost it when I did. So awesome! Alright enough fangirling, I’m sure you want me to get down to the recipe. If you didn’t see the pics or just want to see them again, here’s what my recipe for No Bake Brains looks like when it’s finished:

IMG_20151124_143802778 IMG_20151124_143757995

IMG_20151124_143650632 IMG_20151124_143645594

This recipe only requires three ingredients:

two 12 ounce bags of white chocolate chips, a 12 ounce bag of chow mein noodles, and red food coloring.


The first step is melting your chocolate. I used a double boiler and put a large metal bowl on top of a big pot of boiling water. You can use the microwave or melt your chocolate in a smaller bowl with a smaller pot. I just used what I knew would work for me.


I turned the burner up pretty high, there was more space between the water and the bowl than I would normally leave which made it take longer, and then I dumped all of the white chocolate chips into the bowl so they would start melting.


Once the chocolate has completely melted you need to add in drops of red food coloring. I added enough to get it a nice pink color. Then you throw in the chow mein noodles.


Then you need to mix all of the chocolate and noodles up. I added a little bit more food coloring during this part.


I actually left my chocolate and the noodles over the water while I was doing most of my mixing and only moved the bowl to the counter top once I thought the mixture looked pink enough. I did turn off the burner before stirring it up. Then I took spoonfuls of the chocolate covered noodles and put them on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet. For the brains with gore on them I added extra red food coloring once they had firmed up.

I thought these turned out really well and they were so tasty that I even licked the bowl, well the spatula, but that involved scraping the bowl. They were also really cheap and really easy to make. If you try them I’d love to see how your brains turn out. You can leave pics in the comments or tweet them at me, @kleffnotes.

I did say that I was going to be revealing a bit of a secret on here today so here goes…today’s my birthday! I’m not really celebrating today because of work, but I hope you have a great day. Treat yourself to something, I mean it is a birthday.

If you are looking for more of me you can check out my kleffnotes YouTube channel and I write articles on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



Cosplay Queries

Hi Internet People,

There’s no new iZombie today, which is super sad. Never fear though I will still be making brains tonight and sharing my recipe tomorrow right here for the rest of you. I’ll also be sharing something over here tomorrow, so if you keep an eye out you’ll get to learn something about me. I might share the news on Twitter too, but it’ll be here first.

If you’ve been checking out my YouTube channel you might have seen my casual cosplay videos and costume videos. I recently did a Wednesday Addams casual cosplay and I’m planning on doing at least one more this week. While I have some ideas of my own I would love suggestions. I’m currently thinking of doing Disney themed ones, but I’m not sure what order to do them in. I have some princesses figured out and some vague thoughts for how to dress like some of the villains, but I love hearing ideas from you guys. Even if it takes me a bit of time I will figure out ways to do characters, they don’t have to be Disney those are just things I thought of first.

I also would still love song suggestions. With December coming I’m planning on doing some holiday themed songs. I though still have this week and while I have a song or two in mind I could try and bust something out for you guys. I know I haven’t been on Periscope much and I’m really sorry about that. The app has been acting up really badly and with work I’ve accidentally missed some replays that I had planned on watching, when I thought the app might cooperate. I’m thinking for the time being I’ll just be on YouTube, but you can always tweet at me, @kleffnotes, any time you want to talk about a stuff or suggest something. I really love talking to people. You can also comment below or on my YouTube videos. You can also find me on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


Some Laughs to Get You Through Monday

Hi Internet People,

It’s Monday and I have the day off. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in and not having to restock movies for a bit. I also have some movies to watch before 10:30 tonight. I’m doing a Wednesday/Morticia cosplay today, I’ll have pics up on Twitter at some point today and I’ll be filming a video about putting together the outfit. It’ll probably go up on Tuesday, maybe really late on Monday night depending on how quickly I can get it edited.

While I have the day off I know a lot of people will be working and it’s Monday, which I’m pretty sure is considered the worst day of the week, so I thought I’d give you something funny to read and share some embarrassing Katherine stories. I’m delving into my childhood past for some of these because I think they are pretty ridiculous.

When I was probably about five I went over to my neighbors’ house to play with their granddaughter who was about my age. The two of us would do random stuff in their basement like attempt to play hide and seek using a small storage room and the areas behind a couch and a chair. We thought we were very clever little kids. One day we decided we would be daring and jump off the back of a chair, at the time it looked huge, but it was probably about three feet tall, just because we thought it’d be fun. Well, we went on jumping off of the chair for about an hour, until on one jump I fell awkwardly on my foot and yelped. I hobbled over to the couch and when I went home my foot still hurt. I wound up going to the doctor and had to explain what exactly I had been doing. The doctor was super confused and really had no idea what it was that I’d been doing, but he did tell me I’d sprained my foot doing whatever it was with the chair. So yep, I sprained my foot randomly jumping off a chair because I was a bored little kid.

The second story for you took place at a movie theater when Harriet the Spy came out. My grandparents were visiting because my brother and sister had been born that summer and they decided to make the trip from California to Ohio to see us all. One day they took me out to do whatever I wanted and we wound up going to the movies. They bought me a big popcorn and a big soda because they spoiled me a bit whenever I saw them. On the way into our row at the back of the theater, I always wanted to sit near the back, I still do whenever I go to the movies, I managed to drop the completely full soda onto the floor. Now in a less embarrassing story I would have managed to save the soda from spilling everywhere, but instead the whole cup flipped over and Mello Yellow began running down the length of the theater, the cup even rolled a row or two away. I was mortified, but my grandma had my grandpa buy me a new drink. I still wonder what happened to the people who were caught in the path of my Mello Yello deluge.

I hope these made you laugh at least a little bit. You can also find me on Twitter, @kleffnotesmy kleffnotes YouTube channel, and on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


Blogging with Benny: Memo from the Bone Daddy

Hi Internet People,

Well, here we are again another Sunday and Katherine hasn’t found any time for me at all. Okay, fine I hung out with her while she filmed some YouTube videos and we did watch Netflix together, but we haven’t been able to do anything out of the house. When she went to go shopping with her mom and sister I stayed home nursing a bum hip after the cold weather started setting in. Old sports injury you see, I used to compete in skeleton skeleton tournaments. That probably looks like a typo, but nope I used to compete in skeleton only sledding competitions and I was always part of the skeleton races. One day I took a spill on the ice and ever since then when the weather gets cold my hip starts to act up, even more than it normally does.

With her work schedule I’ve really just been left to hang out with the dog, catch up on my reading, and binge random things on Netflix. While I’ve been enjoying my free time that has led to very few days for picture taking. We tried to do a bit of a photo shoot during the week, but Katherine wound up working different hours and our plans went right out the window. We both thought we’d be back to picture posting this week, but it’s just been so hectic that it looks like we are out of luck. Next week she isn’t working as much and she does have something planned to make up for the lack of Benny photos. I mean I am an attractive skeleton, I deserve to have my body on the internet for all to see.

Next week on Sunday keep an eye out for some fun pictures of me doing some fun and interesting things, but this week I’m sorry to say there won’t be any. You can see me hanging out in all of her YouTube videos and you can find older posts of me under the Blogging with Benny category. If there’s anything you want to see me do let me know and I’ll pester Katherine to get her butt in gear and plan things.

She’ll be back to talk to ya tomorrow,


Fun Times From Friday

Hi Internet People,

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and sister and we did some fun shopping around Columbus. We started off our time together grabbing some super tasty Italian food and then we headed out to the mall. We didn’t really have a shopping plan, but just sort of wandered around. The mall in my hometown isn’t very big so going to a bigger mall with more shopping options is always fun. I was rocking my Alice Causal Cosplay and even though it was totally unintentional, we wound up going to the Disney Store first. It was the fanciest Disney store I have ever been in. We wandered around, my sister was looking for a gift for her big, she’s in a sorority if I haven’t mentioned that before. We found her a cute BB-8 cup and while we were looking I took a pic with an Alice mug I found. I almost bought it, but I found this awesome Jack Skellington tea cup that came with a spoon that had a little jack-o-lantern on top.

After stopping there we just sort of went into whatever stores we thought might be fun. We went to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, I grabbed a set of silver rings and a discount burgundy flannel shirt that I thought were good deals. We looked around Barnes and Noble for a while, but didn’t buy anything. At some point we grabbed Starbucks because my sister loves it and we don’t have one here. I had some praline latte thing, it was pretty good, but I like the gingerbread one more. I know we wandered around a bit more and eventually on our way out we stopped at Teavana to grab drinks for the road. Our teas were super hot and we wound up having to find coffee sleeves for them, even though they were already double cupped. My sister got Ruby Spice Cider and I got Gingerbread. I’m not obsessed with gingerbread I promise, it just sounded tasty and I think I regretted not getting the gingerbread latte at Starbucks. We also went to a Lush, the products always look awesome when I see them online and in haul videos, but we didn’t wind up buying anything. Maybe next time.

We ended our trip out and about with a stop at Target. We don’t have a Target here either so we had to stop. They have such great stuff! I hadn’t planned on getting anything, but my sister found a really cheap elf, the makeup brand not the little people who help out Santa, eyeshadow set. It came with four separate kits and we split it. I am planning on messing around with them in the next couple of weeks, it should be interesting since I don’t really wear makeup at all. I also found the Welcome to Night Vale book for super cheap and had to get it. I’m not going to be able to read it until next week, but I am so glad I found it in a store. My sister grabbed the new Adele cd and we listened to it on the way home. It was a great day and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Nothing too embarrassing happened, though we did have to clean up a bunch of tea we accidentally spilled on the floor at Target when I took the teabag out of my sister’s cup. Not as skilled as I thought, but we cleaned it up, I swear.

When I got home I filmed a quick video about my Alice outfit that you can check out on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I have a bunch of other videos up too. You can also find some of my articles from this week over on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,