Super Sleepy Tuesday

Hi Internet People,

Today is going to be one of those days where I am dragging, I can already tell. I stayed up later than I should have last night and when I got out of bed this morning my only thought was “Coffee!!!” Maybe imagine that as more of a low grunt, I was in no way that peppy. I had a really nice Monday, just did not set myself up for an awake and alert Tuesday.

It also totally doesn’t help that it is grey and rainy here and it doesn’t look like the sun is ever going to come out. I really shouldn’t complain about that, it’s not like I’m a huge fan of sunlight. I just burn super easily and I hate being overly hot, plus most of my favorite clothes are designed for cooler weather. Maybe I’m secretly a vampire, though I have been working on a lot of brain recipes so maybe I’m more zombie.

Last night I got to do an amazing interview with one of the cast from The Magicians. Chatting with her was really fun and then I spent part of the night typing up the transcript for the article. That, plus working out and a little bit of video prep already put me at a pretty late time. Then I decided to do brain pics for an article I have coming out next week on NGE, which meant it was even later. Throw in some paper editing for my brother and it was almost 1 am before I decided to call it a night. The big thing I’m looking forward to today is taking a nap after dinner. Honestly only big thing I have going on. I mean I have some minor editing to do, but that’ll get done, and I need to keep doing prep for a video. It’s not like the video is going to be super exciting, I just am going to be doing something that requires me actually practicing it so I don’t look like a dope.

I hope you are feeling more awake today than I am!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,


Snapped Traps and The Mouse Hunt in the Witch House

Hi Internet People,

I promised we’d get to the traps this week and we did! Though this might not be what you were expecting, but it’s going to lead to something very soon.

Ellery was startled awake by a yelp of pain and a stream of colorful curse words. Rubbing her eyes she muttered “Wassa matter?” as she tried to remember why she was in a pile of blankets on the floor. Still dealing with a foggy early morning mind, she looked up and noticed Anna clutching her toe and glaring at her phone.

“I overslept and then totally forgot you spent the night and tripped over that stupid book. I think I’m bleeding, but I have to run to campus. My advisor needs some clearance form for the project and I have to be there in like ten minutes. You can stay here, but I have to go.”

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea this thing was so close to your bed. Do you need a bandaid?”

“No time, it’s just really swollen. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’ll go down. Definitely not going to wear any open toed shoes today.”

While Anna got ready, Ellery scooped up her stuff, including the toe attacking book, and made her way back to her room. Before she opened the door she silently muttered, “no mice, no mice, no mice” and then with a quick breath in pushed the door open. From the doorway she quickly scanned the traps and noticed one of them looked tripped. Slightly on edge, she laid her things on the bed and tentatively inched toward the far left corner of the room. The trap was most definitely tripped, but whatever had tripped it had caused it to flip over. Ellery could just call her landlord’s number and then she wouldn’t have to touch the trap at all, but she didn’t want to waste anyone’s time if there wasn’t actually anything in it. Her parents had dealt with a small family of mice in their garage a couple of years ago. She remembered that some days the traps would be tripped, but the mice would have scampered away before they got snapped.

There wasn’t a broom nearby, but there was a piece of leftover paneling from her Ikea bookshelf.

“I guess that’s one use for those random leftover bits.”

Summoning her courage Ellery shoved the wood piece at the trap and squeezed her eyes shut as it landed upright. Breathing in, she gave herself to the count of three and forced herself to look at the trap. Thankfully there wasn’t a dead mouse inside, but there was something. Sticking out of the peanut butter coated teeth was a tuft of brown fur. Unless the mouse was running around half skinned, there looked like there was just way too much of it.

“Please don’t tell me I’m sharing this room with a rat, especially a half-naked trap snapping rat.”

Popping the trap open, Ellery pulled out the tuft of hair and quickly threw it in the bathroom trashcan. After washing her hands multiple times, she decided that maybe just taking a shower would make her feel a little less grossed out by her possible new four legged roommate.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,