New Year’s in the Twilight Zone

Hi Internet People,

It’s New Year’s Eve and I honestly can’t believe it. It doesn’t feel like 2015 should be coming to an end already. There is a benefit to the year coming to an end, it means that all the shows on holiday hiatus will be coming back soon. Though I’m still behind on a bunch of them. Gotham I love you, but I just never seem to catch up. I’m also crazy behind on Doctor Who like literally haven’t seen any of the most recent season. I need to set up a binge watch. I think I’m going to see if my friend who binged last season with me wants to do a big binge again.

This year has been amazing! I’ve met wonderful people and created new friendships that I never would have expected to make. I started this blog, a YouTube channel, and was invited to be part of an amazing website, The Nerdy Girl Express. I hope next year I’ll be able to grow my blog and my YouTube, though I really just enjoy doing them and will keep posting no matter how many people read or watch my stuff. I’m also looking forward to all that The Nerdy Girl Express is going to be doing next year.

A bunch of us are planning on having a sort of party on Twitter. There is going to be a lot of ringing in the new year in a lot of different time zones. Now onto the reason my title is about the Twilight Zone. Normally on New Year’s Eve my brother, my sister, sometimes my dad, and I watch episodes of the Twilight Zone. The only episode that we always watch is The Masks. It’s the 25th episode of the fifth season, which you can watch on Netflix if you want. In the episode a dying man invites his remaining family to a Mardi Gras party. They each wear masks and count down until midnight. At the end of the night the masks everyone wears cause changes that only the dying man expected. It’s not my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone, but it’s perfect for New Year’s.

I’m going out of town with my family for a bit during the day today, but I’ll be checking Twitter and being goofy since it’s New Year’s Eve so if you have Twitter you can find me @kleffnotes. I also have a random new YouTube video up and a movie review up on The Nerdy Girl Express.

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Do You Remember Heavyweights?

Hi Internet People,

Last night at work I was able to put in a bunch of movies instead of watching the preview reel, which at this point in the month is super out of date. Just as a quick fun fact for you we have this dvd that just shows previews and ads for movies and products in our store and we are normally supposed to let it play most of the time. While the dvds are labeled for an entire month they actually only show movies that came out during the last two weeks of the month before and the first two weeks of the current month.

When I got there the people working were just finishing up The Neverending Story so I got to pick out movies for my shift. We have to watch G or PG stuff so we are a little bit limited. I started with Penelope, which stars Christina Ricci as the daughter of a rich family who has inherited a curse that has given her a pig nose. I hadn’t watched it in forever, but it had been played in the store before so I thought I’d throw it in. I had forgotten James McAvoy was in it and I actually think I’m going to rent it myself so that I can watch it when I’m not working. Then in keeping with the sort of romantic female led theme I put in The Princess Diaries, which I’ve seen a billion times. It’s one of my sister and my go to movies and we used to watch it on vhs all the time. I actually really wish I had pre-makeover Mia’s hair. It’s so big and fabulous! Also I want a Fat Louis.

Now after all of that onto the movie that a bunch of people were excited about. After scouring our Family movie section I was ecstatic to find that a copy of Heavyweights was actually in stock. The movie rents out a lot and I rarely get a chance to watch it. I put it in and was enjoying some nice nostalgia time while cleaning and organizing things. While the movie was on a guy started looking around the store and kept stopping and staring at the tvs. He eventually asked what the title of the movie was. When I told him he actually got really excited and said he hadn’t seen this movie in ages. He kept sort of shopping, but frequently kept stopping and watching the movie. He actually didn’t leave until I had to start vacuuming, and by that point he’d been in the store watching the movie for a little over an hour. After he left someone else came in to rent movies and he was pumped when he saw Kenan Thompson on the screen and he knew just what the movie was.

If you haven’t seen Heavyweights and are into 90’s Disney or just 90’s stuff in general you should find it. The plot is that these boys all get sent to a fat camp that is normally a lot of fun. This year though the owners of the camp are retiring and have sold the camp to this crazy intense fitness dude, who happens to be Ben Stiller. He basically ruins the kids summer by restricting their meals and working them practically to death. Eventually the kids find a way to take back the camp and save their summer. It’s super old school Disney and yes, Kenan Thompson is in it. He’s currently on SNL, but he used to be a Nickelodeon regular on All That and Kenan and Kel. If you have some nostalgia movies you want to share you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes.

So there’s some random nostalgia for you. If you want to check out some of my videos they are up on my YouTube channel and I have some movie reviews up on The Nerdy Girl Express.

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New Videos, Food, and Fun

Hi Internet People,

Yesterday I got to hang out with some friends, do some shopping, and eat some really tasty food. I haven’t been able to hang out with many people recently so it was a treat to be able to chat and have fun. We did some malling and I found two cool things at Hot Topic. I mean I always find cool things at Hot Topic so you probably aren’t surprised. They had a Scream Queens shirt so I grabbed it and I found a Penny Dreadful’s dress that I really liked. My store has had pieces of that collection floating around and I decided to grab it because I had a coupon. I got more Hot Cash so be prepared for an intense haul video near the end of January.

I also grabbed some stuff at Bath and Body, the semi annual sale started and it’s the best time to get candles. My favorite is London, it smells like lemon and tea, and I got a huge candle for cheap. I also got a baby candle that smells really good. It’s mint and lemon, I forget the actual name, but it smelled wonderful. I also stocked up on hand sanitizers. They had a bunch of the vampire blood one for really cheap. It smells like pomegranates and I really like it, but you can only get it in October normally so I grabbed a bunch.

Besides shopping I tried this Japanese restaurant I had never been too. I had yummy veggie sushi and an avocado salad. My friend almost spilled an entire diet pepsi on me, but it was okay I fled to another booth and saved myself from being soaked on a cold and rainy night. We then hung out and played this card game called Personally Incorrect, it’s a lot like Cards Against Humanity, though we kept having to use Urban Dictionary to figure out the definitions of things. Maybe we live very sheltered lives, but some of those words I had literally never heard. Well one I’d heard as an insult in a British comedy, but I didn’t actually know what it meant

When I got home I got to work uploading the video I promised would be up and it took forever. It recorded weird and I look super washed out and grey. I have no clue what happened, but it looks like I have a weird filter going on, but I couldn’t fix it. Oh well, I just posted it anyway. I couldn’t really refilm it. You should totally watch it because I’m announcing something I want to do that would mean you could get some really cool stuff. You can find it on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. If you watch it shoot me a tweet, @kleffnotes, or comment on the video or here to let me know what you think.

I also have articles going up on The Nerdy Girl Express this week about different movies I was able to watch. You can also find some amazing articles about movies, books, and tv shows by some wonderful people there too.

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Why You Should Check Out Couple-ish

Hi Internet People,

As you’ve probably noticed in my previous posts I’m a huge fan of the webseries Carmilla. Well, when I learned that Kaitlyn Alexander was making a web series I was instantly super excited. Couple-ish was not only created by a Carmilla alum, but also stars Kaitlyn as Dee and Sharon Belle, Danny from Carmilla, as Rachel. The two characters become roommates after Dee, with the help of her sister Amy, decides to use the internet to help her find someone to split her rent. After a few months together Dee learns that Rachel, who is from England, has submitted paperwork to the Canadian government that says that they are a couple so that she can continue to stay in the country.

I don’t want to give too much more away because I really want you to go check out this series. It has it’s own YouTube channel, just named Couple-ish, and so far there are only 6 episodes. New episodes are being released on Wednesdays and Saturdays and you definitely have time to catch up before a new episode goes up. You get to watch drunken Ikea furniture building, the creation of a couples channel, and appearances from the hilarious Amy. Not only is the show great so far, watching it supports LGBTQ+ series and characters.

I’d love to geek out about awesome web series with you so if you want to share your thoughts with me you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. You can also find new articles by me over on The Nerdy Girl Express and new videos will be going up on my YouTube channel this week.

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Blogging with Benny: Holiday Hoopla

Hi Internet People,

This week was Christmas and Benny and I were able to spend some time hanging out with my family. I had to work on Christmas Eve and for part of Christmas Day so part of the day Benny just hung out on his own in some festive lounge wear.


I thought I’d give you a close up of the socks. I bought them at Five Below around Halloween, but Benny decided to lay claim to them while I was out.


When I got home my mom and dad were working on stuff in the kitchen still and I sort of fell asleep until the food was ready. Instead of getting a bunch of shots of the table I wound up just taking a pic of the clean up process instead.


We did a lot of post dinner lounging around and I fell back asleep while everyone watched Inside Out. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the nights before Christmas Eve or Christmas and was pretty exhausted by that night. While I did gifts with my family before work Benny said he wanted to wait until after I was more rested to surprise me. This is what I found under the tree.


According to Benny my gift this year was his presence in my life so he attempted to wrap himself. He planned on putting a bow on his head too, but I guess he couldn’t find any. I did wind up getting Benny something, but it was more a joke gift than anything else.


The sweater Benny is wearing was given to me at an Ugly Sweater party a few years ago and he’s been eyeing it. I told him I could buy him his own sweater, but he said he liked this one so much that he wanted to be able to call it his own.

I hope you had a lovely holiday and that now you can relax. I know I was running around a lot this season. New Year’s Eve is much more chill here. I just sort of hang out around the house. A group of us might be doing something on Twitter this year though so keep an eye out, you can find me @kleffnotes. You can also find me on my YouTube channel and on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,


Carmilla Christmas Recap

Hi Internet People,

Sadly there wasn’t a Carmilla Christmas episode this year, but we did get a Twitter adventure with Carmilla, Laura, and LaFontaine full of tiny toy terrors. I know not everyone was online because of the holiday and I thought that I would share my own summary of the story as it unfolded in case you don’t check Twitter or have a Twitter account. If you want every detail than head over to Twitter and find @HeyCarmilla, @Laura2theLetter, and @LaFilphormes. I have all the tweets favorited if you need any help finding them.

Last year we got to see Laura, Carmilla, LaF, and Perry holed up in a diner full of tasty treats and a cannibalistic witch, who was vanquished by our vampire vixen before the holiday was over. This year we had to use our imaginations instead of tuning into YouTube. Laura and Carm had left LaF to do some exploring and our two lovely ladies first encountered some very friendly vines, Laura compared them to The Devil’s Snare from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone for my lovely readers outside of the US). Once they escaped from the vengeful vines, Hollstein found a cave straight out of Jurassic Park with a toothy dinosaur looking for a snack. They survived by jumping down a waterfall and wound up in some sort of tunnel.

While all of this was going on LaF was left to their own devices and thoughts. They’re very worried about Perry and upset that they didn’t save her from everything that was going in the finale of season two. With all this alone time they found a toy soldier, just like the kind they used to play with during the holidays with Perry. With all the nostalgia, LaF was getting more and more upset, but their new wooden friend seemed to be trying to help. He gave them a heart pendant and, when they couldn’t get a response from Laura or Carm, LaF wished that they could just bring their friends back.

In a severe case of be careful what you wish for, Laura and Carmilla were suddenly attacked by tin soldiers, apparently on the direction of the wooden soldier with the pendant. The brigade of tin toys knocked out Hollstein and brought them completely trussed up to LaF. When the soldiers started wrapping Laura like a doll, they started throwing all of the papers they could find into the furnace. While this was happening LaF tried to thank the soldiers for bringing them their friends, but they wouldn’t stop in their mission. The toy soldier began jumping toward the furnace and when the heart pendant fell in he jumped in too. After that the tin soldier brigade followed suit and all of them melted away. LaF doesn’t want to tell Carmilla and Laura that they were actually the reason for the attack of the toy soldiers, so instead they were planning on making some s’mores to ease the pain. Hopefully Hollstein doesn’t check out their feed after they wake up.

If you haven’t watched Carmilla you definitely should check it out. Seasons 1 and 2 are on The Vervegirl TV YouTube channelclick here for season one and click here for season two. There is a prequel, Carmilla Season Zero, but you have to watch it after you watch season two. You can find it on both the Vervegirl YouTube and on The U by Kotex YouTube channel.

While you’re on YouTube you could also check out my YouTube channel. You can also find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and at The Nerdy Girl Express.

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Happy Holidays!

Hi Internet People,

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both very busy this year so this post isn’t a real post. I just wanted to say I hope you all are having an amazing week and that your weekend is full of good food, fun, and people that you love. Regardless of your denomination or religious beliefs I hope that you have a wonderful day and are able to do something fun or find a way to have fun.

If you are a fan of Carmilla they are doing some tweeting that I’m hoping means another Christmas episode is going to happen and you can have fun reading through tweets from Carmilla, Laura, and LaFontaine as they try and flee from tin soldiers while navigating the maze like hallways of the library.

I’d love to hear how your Christmas is going or goes, you can even use me as an excuse to avoid people if you want. You can tweet me, @kleffnotes, or comment below. If you need some random holiday background music you can find some Christmas song covers on my YouTube channel. You can also find cool articles over on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Merry Christmas!

Talk to ya tomorrow,