Some Laughs to Get You Through Monday

Hi Internet People,

It’s Monday and I have the day off. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in and not having to restock movies for a bit. I also have some movies to watch before 10:30 tonight. I’m doing a Wednesday/Morticia cosplay today, I’ll have pics up on Twitter at some point today and I’ll be filming a video about putting together the outfit. It’ll probably go up on Tuesday, maybe really late on Monday night depending on how quickly I can get it edited.

While I have the day off I know a lot of people will be working and it’s Monday, which I’m pretty sure is considered the worst day of the week, so I thought I’d give you something funny to read and share some embarrassing Katherine stories. I’m delving into my childhood past for some of these because I think they are pretty ridiculous.

When I was probably about five I went over to my neighbors’ house to play with their granddaughter who was about my age. The two of us would do random stuff in their basement like attempt to play hide and seek using a small storage room and the areas behind a couch and a chair. We thought we were very clever little kids. One day we decided we would be daring and jump off the back of a chair, at the time it looked huge, but it was probably about three feet tall, just because we thought it’d be fun. Well, we went on jumping off of the chair for about an hour, until on one jump I fell awkwardly on my foot and yelped. I hobbled over to the couch and when I went home my foot still hurt. I wound up going to the doctor and had to explain what exactly I had been doing. The doctor was super confused and really had no idea what it was that I’d been doing, but he did tell me I’d sprained my foot doing whatever it was with the chair. So yep, I sprained my foot randomly jumping off a chair because I was a bored little kid.

The second story for you took place at a movie theater when Harriet the Spy came out. My grandparents were visiting because my brother and sister had been born that summer and they decided to make the trip from California to Ohio to see us all. One day they took me out to do whatever I wanted and we wound up going to the movies. They bought me a big popcorn and a big soda because they spoiled me a bit whenever I saw them. On the way into our row at the back of the theater, I always wanted to sit near the back, I still do whenever I go to the movies, I managed to drop the completely full soda onto the floor. Now in a less embarrassing story I would have managed to save the soda from spilling everywhere, but instead the whole cup flipped over and Mello Yellow began running down the length of the theater, the cup even rolled a row or two away. I was mortified, but my grandma had my grandpa buy me a new drink. I still wonder what happened to the people who were caught in the path of my Mello Yello deluge.

I hope these made you laugh at least a little bit. You can also find me on Twitter, @kleffnotesmy kleffnotes YouTube channel, and on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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