Blogging with Benny: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday

Hi Internet People,

We are finally back to posting pictures of Benny on Sundays! This week was pretty busy with my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping, but he and I were still able to get some photos in for you lovely people. Now let’s get to the pictures!


This first one is from my birthday. Benny decided he wanted to help unwrap things while I got changed after work. If you want to see what I got let me know, I could do a mini haul video on YouTube.

These next two photos are from Thanksgiving. Most of the family went out to a buffet place for dinner, we only cook Christmas dinner and always eat out for Thanksgiving. Benny decided he would spend the day at home making his own feast since we’d have to eat and then I’d have to head in to work.



I’m pretty sure he eventually cooked the sweet potatoes, he sent me this pic while we were at dinner and asked us to bring him a to go box, but that bag of potatoes was gone by the time we got back.

Benny didn’t really want to go Black Friday shopping, but he did help us go through our bags when we got home. He did insist we bring him a pretzel from the mall though.


Saturday we had a bit more birthday celebrating because my family was busy on my actual birthday. We went out to eat and brought home an ice cream cake. Benny was really excited and helped me polish off the last piece.


This last picture is really just here because at one point Benny decided he wanted to try and scare me so he hid in the dining room while I was cleaning up after the cake. He definitely made me jump. I added a bit of a filter because it was super hard to see him in the dark.


I think it looks very vintage like a tintype photo. I’d actually consider framing the pic because it looks fancy.

I think I’m going to do that Black Friday haul video that I mentioned, I got everything really cheap and some of the stuff I was really excited to find. I could throw in my birthday stuff too since I wound up with some super random stuff. You can check out any of my previous videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. You can also find some of my articles on The Nerdy Girl Express. If you have any suggestions for videos I should do or things you want to see you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. You can also tweet at Benny, @skeletonbenny, he isn’t always on his Twitter, but he’ll try and reply when he can.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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