Rewatches I Need to Do

Hi Internet People,

I’ve been doing a rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but there are so many things that I need to rewatch. I had mentioned that I really wanted to watch Sherlock again because of Master of None. I know that sounds a bit confusing, but in the show Master of None there’s an episode where the characters all wind up marathoning Sherlock. I watched The Abominable Bride recently, which made me really want to go back and watch the other episodes because I need more Sherlock.

Speaking of British television shows I just watched the Luther special, yes I know it came out ages ago, but we dvred it and it took me a while to find time to watch it. It’s a really long episode, IMDb had it listed as not one, but two episodes, so that would explain why it was over 2 hours. I now really want to rewatch Luther too. The last time I watched it I freaked out my roommate at the time because I started yelling because there was a man hiding in a house and I was just yelling people needed to run away. Idris Elba is amazing, and I really want to see Alice because she was sadly missing from the special.

I also really want to rewatch all of Orphan Black again before season four starts on April 14th. I really want to live tweet it too, which means I will have to take a break from Buffy for a tiny bit in order to get it done. I just need a day off solely dedicated to Orphan Black, preferably in April near the premiere.

I also have a webseries that I definitely need to rewatch multiple times before the newest season premieres in the summer, Carmilla. I don’t know the exact day that it’s releasing on Kinda TV, but the fact that it’s coming back is so exciting. I need to buy swag too, because yes, I still need that in my life. If you haven’t watched Carmilla you definitely need to, I’m going to be talking about it a bit more on Thursday during my Fangirl Freakout so I don’t want to go into too many details now. I have talked about the series multiple times before so you can find out more by checking out my older posts too.

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Deadpool The Third

Hi Internet People,

After a nine hour work day, I am heading into a seven and a half hour work day, followed by another seven and a half hour work day. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’m still feeling exhausted and really wish I had been able to get more sleep yesterday. I was fading pretty fast near the end of my day at work and I really should have gone to bed, but I needed to actually eat food that wasn’t a smashed granola bar and have something besides room temperature Diet Mountain Dew to drink. I also really wanted to watch one of the movies I rented from #magicalmysteryvideostore because I have to return all of them to work on Monday morning. Oh and write for you lovely people and the readers of The Nerdy Girl Express. I just need more hours in the day, maybe like four I can just use for napping whenever I please.

Okay, enough complaining about how tired I am because I get to do something fun after work today and I’m looking forward to it a lot. My sister is home for Spring Break, yes it’s February, but colleges are weird, and she wanted to go to the movies. Now we had already discussed going to see How to Be Single, but she surprised me by saying she wanted to go see Deadpool. Well, how could I pass up a chance to see Deadpool for a third time? We have decided to put off seeing How to Be Single until next week and we are going to go see Deadpool at 7 pm tonight. I get off work at 6 so I’m going to grab a quick snack, change into my Deadpool shirt, and then we will be off to see the movie. My brother is coming too so he’ll be seeing it for a second time. I’m super excited! Deadpool is going to be my motivation to make it through my work day.

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Naps, I Need Naps

Hi Internet People,

Have you ever just wanted to take a nap? Like just curl up and nap even though you totally have stuff that you need to do. Okay, mostly I just want to nap because I know that I’m going to be working three long days in a row at work. I’m covering a shift, which is fine, but it means I can’t sleep in today, which I was really excited to do. I also was apparently going to be able to go shopping, which I really need to do, but oh well, work is important and I need to do it.

The problem with working long days is by the time I get home I need to eat food, because I suck at eating at work, and then I have stuff to do. We don’t really get lunch breaks, you just have to eat whenever you have down time. I pack random snacks, but every time I try to eat we always wind up having a rush, never fail. I really just find myself really wanting to take a nap, which is very difficult to schedule into my life.

The shopping thing is sort of important. Okay, so I’ve mentioned that I’m a mutant before on here. Yeah, my power isn’t that cool, I just eat metal. Not like I put it in my mouth and gnaw on it, but my skin oxidizes mental really intensely. I have two cartilage piercings and the hoops I have in them are getting really tarnished. I need to go to the tattoo and piercing place my sister went to so that I can get higher quality hoops so that I hopefully don’t eat them. I’ll have to try and go during the week, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off so hopefully one of those days I can swing by. I would like to not have super tarnished hoops in my ears.

Hopefully I can catch up on sleep soon, but until then I will just keep drinking Diet Dew and chugging along. If you want to see more of me you can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes. I also have a YouTube channel and I write for The Nerdy Girl Express and run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

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Sorry, but More Jessica Jones

Hi Internet People,

Alright so last night I watched four episodes of Jessica Jones and seriously all the things and feels and craziness. I couldn’t not write about it. Mostly because dang it Kilgrave, and Hogarth, and nosy annoying neighbor woman. Okay, so really I just need to vent a little bit about three people. And briefly I want to mention cosplay things, but just super briefly.

Let’s begin with Kilgrave, because seriously Kilgrave. He’s such a con man! Even without actively using his powers he kept trying to get people to feel sorry for him, okay primarily Jessica, but he kept pushing the my life was horrible thing, and yes, okay he had crappy parents who experimented on him, but he somehow made that mean he could treat other people like his own personal playthings. I mean he helped Jessica deal with the hostage situation, but then he demanded cake. Yes, cake for being a hero. While delicious, still very little kid response. I also got a super intense Beauty and the Beast vibe when he asked Jessica to come down to dinner. It was more murderous and creepy, he recreated her childhood home down to the most minute detail, but oddly very Beauty and the Beast. I wasn’t expecting a tragic backstory for him, but seriously, I was feeling bad for him until his parents showed up and then that got creepy. Way creepier than I thought it was going to be.

After that ranty bit, now I’m on to Hogarth. She let him out!! Seriously she made a deal with Kilgrave that super backfired. I don’t even know if she felt bad, two people died within like an hour of her making her terrible decision. And then after that she talked to her almost fiance and basically proved that she is a non-super powered version of Kilgrave. So much using people and ruining peoples’ lives. Not okay Hogarth, not okay!

Final person, annoying neighbor woman. Okay, yes her brother Reuben died, but instead of listening to Malcolm or any of the other people who were being reasonable she started a mob. That mob then attacked Jessica and left her lying unconscious, possibly dead, on her floor and then she let Kilgrave go! Okay, she didn’t know what Kilgrave looked like, but someone in the mob could have told her. Or at least kept her from letting the super bad guy, who killed her brother, out of his trussed up state.

Cosplay thing real quick. I really want to do a Jessica Jones cosplay, I think I could pull it off super easily. Besides that I think it would be great to cosplay as Kilgrave. Mostly because I’d want to just yell Jessica! all day long, just whenever I wanted to say something.

We have three episodes left and @quietlikeastorm and @drinking_zombie and I will be live tweeting them either on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, hopefully. With the iZombie hiatus we will hopefully all be free. I’m super excited, and crazy terrified, to see how it ends.

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Fangirl Freakouts: iZombie Theories and Sexy Times

Hi Internet People,

iZombie is on hiatus again so I thought a video would help get us through the slump. I share some of my theories for the rest of the series, including zombie transmitted diseases. Yep, I talk about zombie sex. Enjoy!

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Brains on Toast and Hot Saucy Chocolate

Hi Internet People,

Last night was a caffeine fueled episode of iZombie and it also happened to be National Toast Day. So to keep with the coffee shop vibe of the episode and the random national holiday I decided to make brains on toast and hot sauce laced hot chocolate.Here’s the pic I shared on Twitter of the finished products.


I feel like I say all of my recipes are super easy, but this took me maybe ten minutes to put together both parts. Seriously, super quick, and I even have lots of leftovers. I’ll start with the hot chocolate because it’s the fastest to make.

First you’ll need hot sauce, hot chocolate mix, and whipped cream.


You put about two to three drops of hot sauce in the bottom of your mug, it doesn’t have to be a skull, but I thought it was fitting.


Then I cheated and used the Keurig to make the hot chocolate, adding the liquid over the hot sauce helps it get mixed in.


Then I added a generous amount of whipped cream, I let it melt into the hot chocolate before I drink it.

Now for the brainy feature, brains on toast.

All you need is cream cheese, strawberry preserves, and a little bit of red food coloring.

IMG_20160223_183700544 IMG_20160223_183706751

I mixed up the container of cream cheese and two massive spoonfuls of preserves in a Tupperware bowl, you can already see it at the bottom of those pictures. After I got it super mixed up I added in three drops of red food coloring to make it look pinker.


Pretty gross, huh? It tastes delicious I swear. Though fun fact, they actually use cream cheese and strawberry jam in tv shows when babies get born. That might not make this more appetizing, but hey, still a fun fact and honestly I swear this tastes delicious. Here’s the close up of the toast itself.


If you try this out you should definitely let me know what you think and send me pics. You can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. We have forever until a new episode of iZombie, seriously guys so many hiatuses are not cool, so we need to do something to get us through.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,


AKA More Jessica Jones Tweeting

Hi Internet People,

I did some more Jessica Jones live tweeting yesterday with Erica and Jon, @quietlikeastorm and @drinking_zombie respectively. We watched episodes 4 and 5, well sort of. There was some accidental confusing, so technically I live tweeted  4 and 5, Erica tweeted 4 and 6, and Jon tweeted 4 and 5. I’m going to watch episode 6 very soon, I’m writing this post and then watching it before bed.

Alright so there were two things I really needed to talk about that happened in the episodes I watched. First off Trish is a delight, she wants Jessica to be a superhero so badly and it’s adorable. She gets a costume, comes up with a name, seriously she is going all out for her. Even though Jessica is very anti-superhero life, the entire sequence is heartwarming. On the Trish note, her mom sounds like she is literally the most terrible parent in the world. Okay, early on Jessica thought Trish’s mom was back because she was covered in bruises, which is definitely not a good sign, and then we get some more hints at her terrible parenting. Like what has this woman been doing to Trish?

The other thing I really needed to talk about was Kilgrave. Seriously he is even more twisted than I thought! He used the first person he saw Jessica save as a spy by getting him addicted to drugs and then getting him to report back to him for a fix. Besides that he used a little girl to send a message to Jessica, which is twisted. If that weren’t enough when Jessica does work out a way to catch him, it all gets thwarted by hired thugs that Kilgrave got just in case she would attack him. Kudos to Jessica for the punch, but the tooth pulling out thing was not cool. I’ve seen it happen in a bunch of horror movies before and yet every time I get weirded out. Erica warned me that episode 6 is even crazier and I am excited, yet also terrified to watch it.

Wednesday we are going to do some live tweeting around 2 pm est starting on episode 7. Feel free to join us if you want! You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I also write for The Nerdy Girl Express and run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.