Being Thankful and Eating Lots of Potatoes

Hi Internet People,

Today is Thanksgiving for me and that means I’ll be spending the day with my family and eating way more carbs and starchy food than I should probably eat in one sitting. We go out to dinner for Thanksgiving and the mashed potatoes at this place are delicious. They are my primary item of the day. I’m also working and shopping for part of today. I know some of you are also celebrating Thanksgiving today and I’m sure you are busy and enjoying time with your family, or at least I hope you are. If you are by yourself today or not celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you still have a wonderful day and find some tasty food to indulge in, I suggest anything with potatoes.

I would like to briefly say that I am thankful for all you who read my blog, watch my YouTube videos, chat with me on Twitter (@kleffnotes), check out my articles on The Nerdy Girl Express, and have ever tuned into one of my Periscopes. You have all made me feel so happy. I am also thankful for all the people I have met through the iZombie fandom. Since the show started I have met amazing people who have helped me to grow as a person and find my voice and the courage to do things I had never done before. I am also thankful for my family and for my friends, both new and old. I know there are a myriad number of things that I should be thankful for, but those are the highlights.

I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy yourselves. Oh and if you’re going Black Friday shopping, be careful!

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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