Interested in a Giveaway for the Holidays?

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It has been a bit, but The Potter Collector over on YouTube is hosting a giveaway for the 12 Days of Christmas. Peter’s channel focuses on Harry Potter and Harry Potter related collecting. For the next 12 days I’ll be sharing links here in case you want to win any of the giveaway items. The rules for it are listed in the descriptions of each video. Major points include being subscribed to his channel, commenting with a certain key phrase, and sharing the link. Now yes, I do have issues with J.K. Rowling and her views, but these are free items and Peter is an independent creator with a love of Harry Potter, which is a series I love dearly and grew up with. Links will be updated during the 12 days in case you want to enter with a small descriptor.

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Day Three: Enesko

Day Two: Honeydukes (Rules are different)

Day One: Out of Print:


Fangirl Freakouts: Queering ClexaCon Feature

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Queering is an emotional series that focuses on Harper, her best friend Devon, and her mom Val. Harper is ready to move on after a 9 year relationship and her mom has just come out as bisexual. The series focuses on so many great topics and is definitely worth checking out before and at ClexaCon this year.

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