Blogging with Benny: Memo from the Bone Daddy

Hi Internet People,

Well, here we are again another Sunday and Katherine hasn’t found any time for me at all. Okay, fine I hung out with her while she filmed some YouTube videos and we did watch Netflix together, but we haven’t been able to do anything out of the house. When she went to go shopping with her mom and sister I stayed home nursing a bum hip after the cold weather started setting in. Old sports injury you see, I used to compete in skeleton skeleton tournaments. That probably looks like a typo, but nope I used to compete in skeleton only sledding competitions and I was always part of the skeleton races. One day I took a spill on the ice and ever since then when the weather gets cold my hip starts to act up, even more than it normally does.

With her work schedule I’ve really just been left to hang out with the dog, catch up on my reading, and binge random things on Netflix. While I’ve been enjoying my free time that has led to very few days for picture taking. We tried to do a bit of a photo shoot during the week, but Katherine wound up working different hours and our plans went right out the window. We both thought we’d be back to picture posting this week, but it’s just been so hectic that it looks like we are out of luck. Next week she isn’t working as much and she does have something planned to make up for the lack of Benny photos. I mean I am an attractive skeleton, I deserve to have my body on the internet for all to see.

Next week on Sunday keep an eye out for some fun pictures of me doing some fun and interesting things, but this week I’m sorry to say there won’t be any. You can see me hanging out in all of her YouTube videos and you can find older posts of me under the Blogging with Benny category. If there’s anything you want to see me do let me know and I’ll pester Katherine to get her butt in gear and plan things.

She’ll be back to talk to ya tomorrow,



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