No Bake Brains from my iZombie Kitchen

Hi Internet People,

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another recipe from my iZombie kitchen. Even though there wasn’t a new episode of iZombie this week I still made sure to have tasty brains ready for all the iZombie Obsessed brainies and what made Tuesday night of this week extra cool was the fact that Rose McIver retweeted by brains. I was at work and didn’t notice right away, but I totally lost it when I did. So awesome! Alright enough fangirling, I’m sure you want me to get down to the recipe. If you didn’t see the pics or just want to see them again, here’s what my recipe for No Bake Brains looks like when it’s finished:

IMG_20151124_143802778 IMG_20151124_143757995

IMG_20151124_143650632 IMG_20151124_143645594

This recipe only requires three ingredients:

two 12 ounce bags of white chocolate chips, a 12 ounce bag of chow mein noodles, and red food coloring.


The first step is melting your chocolate. I used a double boiler and put a large metal bowl on top of a big pot of boiling water. You can use the microwave or melt your chocolate in a smaller bowl with a smaller pot. I just used what I knew would work for me.


I turned the burner up pretty high, there was more space between the water and the bowl than I would normally leave which made it take longer, and then I dumped all of the white chocolate chips into the bowl so they would start melting.


Once the chocolate has completely melted you need to add in drops of red food coloring. I added enough to get it a nice pink color. Then you throw in the chow mein noodles.


Then you need to mix all of the chocolate and noodles up. I added a little bit more food coloring during this part.


I actually left my chocolate and the noodles over the water while I was doing most of my mixing and only moved the bowl to the counter top once I thought the mixture looked pink enough. I did turn off the burner before stirring it up. Then I took spoonfuls of the chocolate covered noodles and put them on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet. For the brains with gore on them I added extra red food coloring once they had firmed up.

I thought these turned out really well and they were so tasty that I even licked the bowl, well the spatula, but that involved scraping the bowl. They were also really cheap and really easy to make. If you try them I’d love to see how your brains turn out. You can leave pics in the comments or tweet them at me, @kleffnotes.

I did say that I was going to be revealing a bit of a secret on here today so here goes…today’s my birthday! I’m not really celebrating today because of work, but I hope you have a great day. Treat yourself to something, I mean it is a birthday.

If you are looking for more of me you can check out my kleffnotes YouTube channel and I write articles on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,




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