Getting Ready for the Week

Hi Internet People,

This weekend I was amazed to see how many views my Funko Surprise Box Unboxing got on YouTube. Thank you if you watched it and really just thank you if you’ve ever checked out my channel. I’m thinking when I get 50 subscribers on my channel that I’ll do a giveaway. I know there are channels with tons of subscribers, but hitting 50 would be amazing. I’m only 28 away so if you are interested in a giveaway please get the word out. I have some cool stuff I would love to share with you all.

This week I’m working tonight and Tuesday morning, but then I get Wednesday and Thursday off. I think I’m going to a little party with my friend Bri on Tuesday night. We also might go to see Victor Frankenstein on Wednesday night. I know it didn’t get very good reviews, but I still want to see it. I mean I sat through I, Frankenstein and I’m pretty sure no Frankenstein movie can be worse than that one. Thursday I’m going to be live tweeting the last four episodes of Hemlock Grove season three with @_JonathanWhite_ and @quietlikeastorm. We want to finish it while we still have time. I have a feeling the last four will be really crazy. The creepy dragon dude and the baby have to show up soon and that is going to be insane I think.

I’m thinking I’ll do a casual cosplay this week. I’ll tweet out a poll to see what you guys are interested in. I’m thinking Harley Quinn or The Joker right now. I also want to do another cover, but I haven’t officially picked a song yet. I’m also going to do a Black Friday Haul Video. I think it’s going to be a fun week, though it’s probably going to be pretty busy. You can catch up on all my older videos until I get the new ones posted on my channel.

I have a movie review up on The Nerdy Girl Express today and I’ll have another going up on Tuesday. One convenient thing about working at the video store is that I get to see some new releases a bit early. I’ll also have  Scream Queens and AHS: Hotel recaps up too. Yay for no more hiatuses! Well, at least until Christmas time.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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