Casual Cosplay Thoughts

Hi Internet People,

I know I haven’t done a casual cosplay in a while, but I’ve been thinking about movies that are coming out and I thought that maybe I would do some fun sort of costumes for movie premieres. I went to Deadpool, not once, but twice, and both times I couldn’t really do a costume. I know lame, especially because I totally want to do a Negasonic Teenage Warhead inspired outfit or dress like Angel, I’d even commit to the match in the mouth part.

In March Batman vs Superman comes out and I totally have clothes for it, I’m thinking of doing a Batgirl outfit, which I can wear to work. One benefit of my job is that as long as I’m in nice clothes they can have superhero logos on them. I could definitely figure out a Batgirl outfit with all the Batman stuff I have. I’ve shown pictures of most of them before, but I totally have a dress I haven’t worn yet that would work really well.

I am super excited for August because Suicide Squad comes out and I’ve been thinking about two different cosplays. I would love to do The Joker, which I think I could pull off with some preparation. I need some pieces to make it work and I’d do a more Animated Series Batman, all those greens and purples are so much fun. I also really want to do a Harley outfit. I’ve done one before, but I’m considering doing a more Suicide Squad movie inspired one.

Now both of these involve me using some sort of super temporary hair coloring. I am trying to think of ways to get green, red, and blue in my hair without having to bleach anything. I’ve never dyed my hair before so I’m not sure exactly how dye affects my hair. If you have any suggestions or know tricks for short term hair dyeing I would love tips, please leave them in the comments or let me know on Twitter, @kleffnotes.

You can find my casual cosplay videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. You can also find me on The Nerdy Girl Express and I run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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