Brains on Toast and Hot Saucy Chocolate

Hi Internet People,

Last night was a caffeine fueled episode of iZombie and it also happened to be National Toast Day. So to keep with the coffee shop vibe of the episode and the random national holiday I decided to make brains on toast and hot sauce laced hot chocolate.Here’s the pic I shared on Twitter of the finished products.


I feel like I say all of my recipes are super easy, but this took me maybe ten minutes to put together both parts. Seriously, super quick, and I even have lots of leftovers. I’ll start with the hot chocolate because it’s the fastest to make.

First you’ll need hot sauce, hot chocolate mix, and whipped cream.


You put about two to three drops of hot sauce in the bottom of your mug, it doesn’t have to be a skull, but I thought it was fitting.


Then I cheated and used the Keurig to make the hot chocolate, adding the liquid over the hot sauce helps it get mixed in.


Then I added a generous amount of whipped cream, I let it melt into the hot chocolate before I drink it.

Now for the brainy feature, brains on toast.

All you need is cream cheese, strawberry preserves, and a little bit of red food coloring.

IMG_20160223_183700544 IMG_20160223_183706751

I mixed up the container of cream cheese and two massive spoonfuls of preserves in a Tupperware bowl, you can already see it at the bottom of those pictures. After I got it super mixed up I added in three drops of red food coloring to make it look pinker.


Pretty gross, huh? It tastes delicious I swear. Though fun fact, they actually use cream cheese and strawberry jam in tv shows when babies get born. That might not make this more appetizing, but hey, still a fun fact and honestly I swear this tastes delicious. Here’s the close up of the toast itself.


If you try this out you should definitely let me know what you think and send me pics. You can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. We have forever until a new episode of iZombie, seriously guys so many hiatuses are not cool, so we need to do something to get us through.

You can also find me on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I write for The Nerdy Girl Express and run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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