Super Sleepy Tuesday

Hi Internet People,

Today is going to be one of those days where I am dragging, I can already tell. I stayed up later than I should have last night and when I got out of bed this morning my only thought was “Coffee!!!” Maybe imagine that as more of a low grunt, I was in no way that peppy. I had a really nice Monday, just did not set myself up for an awake and alert Tuesday.

It also totally doesn’t help that it is grey and rainy here and it doesn’t look like the sun is ever going to come out. I really shouldn’t complain about that, it’s not like I’m a huge fan of sunlight. I just burn super easily and I hate being overly hot, plus most of my favorite clothes are designed for cooler weather. Maybe I’m secretly a vampire, though I have been working on a lot of brain recipes so maybe I’m more zombie.

Last night I got to do an amazing interview with one of the cast from The Magicians. Chatting with her was really fun and then I spent part of the night typing up the transcript for the article. That, plus working out and a little bit of video prep already put me at a pretty late time. Then I decided to do brain pics for an article I have coming out next week on NGE, which meant it was even later. Throw in some paper editing for my brother and it was almost 1 am before I decided to call it a night. The big thing I’m looking forward to today is taking a nap after dinner. Honestly only big thing I have going on. I mean I have some minor editing to do, but that’ll get done, and I need to keep doing prep for a video. It’s not like the video is going to be super exciting, I just am going to be doing something that requires me actually practicing it so I don’t look like a dope.

I hope you are feeling more awake today than I am!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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