The Job Hunt Must Begin in Earnest

Hi Internet People,

I am going to have to mount my horse and get my dog ready because it is job hunting time. Okay, I don’t have a horse, but I do have a very cute dog who I am sure would be willing to sniff his way around in search of employment for me. I am currently serving at a local college and believe that the position will be eliminated by October of 2017. My position is funded through a federal program, which is part of one of many being recommended for cutting in the recently presented skinny budget. I really enjoy what I do and have helped a number of students, but of the programs up for elimination I believe that others are more likely to survive the cut. I really love PBS so I understand giving that priority over the service I do. I had been warned that my program could be cut and while I have been trying to be positive I must be pragmatic.

I recently drafted a new resume to help me hunt for academic focused jobs, but beyond the field of academics I have other interests. I am very well prepared and have a great deal of experience in academic work, but if a writing or researching position came around I would snap that up. I spent two years of my life working on a thesis focused on how modern British detective television programs presented crime and the city of London during the late Victorian period. What that means is I’m very good at finding articles and information to explain why television is important and how it shapes the general populace’s understanding of topics and ideas. It’s online and if you want to read it I can share a link. I really enjoy what I do for The Nerdy Girl Express, both writing articles and making videos, and I wish that I could do something along those lines for a living. If I had about a million more subscribers I could maybe bank on that, though I would still need health insurance. Honestly my dream job would be working for KindaTV, so if any of you lovely people are reading this I can shoot you a resume.

Since I am young, single, and childless I have the luxury that I can move pretty much anywhere. I will admit that currently I still do not own a car or have a license, but I can get it very soon or I will create a budget for getting ride services wherever I move. I would like the luxury of having health insurance, with or without dental, the ability to afford a cozy apartment for one, with the opportunity to purchase a black cat from a shelter, and cable/satellite and decent internet. I like being able to live tweet shows, which is the only reason I want actual cable or satellite. If you hear of anything and happen to see this post let me know because I am actively on the lookout for a job I can start close to June 23rd of this year.

Find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I write for The Nerdy Girl Express and run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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