Want to Have a Movie Night With Me?

Hi Internet People,

Christmas is fast approaching, I totally just finished my shopping yesterday, and I thought it would be fun to have a holiday movie night. Well movie nights are no fun by yourself so I’m hoping that you will want to join me for some fun over on Twitter.

At 11:15 pm est/8:15 pm pst I will be live tweeting Love Actually with anyone who wants to join me. My Twitter is @kleffnotes.You can stream the movie on Netflix, I had to check before I made the suggestion, if you don’t own it or have another way to watch it. You can live tweet whatever you want, I won’t judge if you love or hate the movie. I tweet sarcastically during lots of movies so just be aware that that’s going to happen. Liam Neeson is in the movie so I’m banking on using at least one Taken joke before it ends.

All you have to do to join is just start the movie at 11:15 pm est time and start tweeting. I will tweet to say I’m starting, but there won’t be an official start tweet. If you get a few minutes ahead or behind don’t worry, no one will mind. I live tweet shows with people and never fail one of us always winds up either slightly ahead or behind, you just keep tweeting and roll with it. I will warn you that if you haven’t seen the movie there might be some accidental spoilers if people who have already seen the movie are live tweeting.

Before Love Actually, @quietlikeastorm, @_JonathanWhite_, and I might be live tweeting Daredevil so if you want to join that you totally can. We will be starting on episode 4, but we aren’t exactly sure what time or if we are solidly going to be able to. The holiday season has thrown us for a bit of a loop so we’ve all been busier than expected.

If you are looking for something to watch before the movie I just posted a new video on my YouTube channel. I sang O Holy Night, which is one of my favorite songs of the holiday season. I’ve also posted some articles on The Nerdy Girl Express, which has tons of cool stuff on it that you can check out.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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