New Videos, Food, and Fun

Hi Internet People,

Yesterday I got to hang out with some friends, do some shopping, and eat some really tasty food. I haven’t been able to hang out with many people recently so it was a treat to be able to chat and have fun. We did some malling and I found two cool things at Hot Topic. I mean I always find cool things at Hot Topic so you probably aren’t surprised. They had a Scream Queens shirt so I grabbed it and I found a Penny Dreadful’s dress that I really liked. My store has had pieces of that collection floating around and I decided to grab it because I had a coupon. I got more Hot Cash so be prepared for an intense haul video near the end of January.

I also grabbed some stuff at Bath and Body, the semi annual sale started and it’s the best time to get candles. My favorite is London, it smells like lemon and tea, and I got a huge candle for cheap. I also got a baby candle that smells really good. It’s mint and lemon, I forget the actual name, but it smelled wonderful. I also stocked up on hand sanitizers. They had a bunch of the vampire blood one for really cheap. It smells like pomegranates and I really like it, but you can only get it in October normally so I grabbed a bunch.

Besides shopping I tried this Japanese restaurant I had never been too. I had yummy veggie sushi and an avocado salad. My friend almost spilled an entire diet pepsi on me, but it was okay I fled to another booth and saved myself from being soaked on a cold and rainy night. We then hung out and played this card game called Personally Incorrect, it’s a lot like Cards Against Humanity, though we kept having to use Urban Dictionary to figure out the definitions of things. Maybe we live very sheltered lives, but some of those words I had literally never heard. Well one I’d heard as an insult in a British comedy, but I didn’t actually know what it meant

When I got home I got to work uploading the video I promised would be up and it took forever. It recorded weird and I look super washed out and grey. I have no clue what happened, but it looks like I have a weird filter going on, but I couldn’t fix it. Oh well, I just posted it anyway. I couldn’t really refilm it. You should totally watch it because I’m announcing something I want to do that would mean you could get some really cool stuff. You can find it on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. If you watch it shoot me a tweet, @kleffnotes, or comment on the video or here to let me know what you think.

I also have articles going up on The Nerdy Girl Express this week about different movies I was able to watch. You can also find some amazing articles about movies, books, and tv shows by some wonderful people there too.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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