I Have Given Up Hope

Hi Internet People,

There has been a new person in the big house and within the span of time he’s been there everything feels awful. I’ve been exhausted for days and things just seem to be getting worse. I tried to hold out and believe that other people in power would try to combat what is going on, but you know what they haven’t. There are citizens trying to fight back, but no matter how many marches, rallies, campaigns, and literally any attempts to show the country is upset with the choices being made no one seems to care.

I thought there was at least a modicum of human feeling in the party in power, but apparently as long as they get what they want they don’t care what happens to anyone else. The most recent executive order has caused turmoil, despair, and taken back safety that was promised to people. There were people who were guaranteed legal entry into our country for a variety of reasons and we pulled that away with no warning. At this rate it feels like it doesn’t matter what any of us do because the people in power have stopped caring. They are solely focused on themselves and that’s it. My family told me I should try and do more instead of just rant in my house, but I just feel so useless. I have no faith in the government. It doesn’t help that every time I try to be positive that the people can fix things, I just imagine so many moments when attempts to stop a corrupt government were thwarted or met with violent suppression. I never should have taken that revolutions class in college.

Talk to you tomorrow,



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