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Hi Internet People,

I know there wasn’t any Witch House writing this week, but I’ve been mulling around an idea. You can totally blame Penny Dreadful’s introduction of Dr. Jekyll for this one. I sort of have a mild obsession with the idea of duality, I mean my favorite movie is Fight Club after all. I’ve just always been interested in the idea of someone being two people or having two diverse sides to their personality. This might be because I have a tendency to act in two very different ways when I’m in social situations. At work and at some social events, I’m closed off and very direct. I don’t express emotion very much, but when I do I’m very reserved. Online and when I’m with close friends or in situations where I feel comfortable I am bubbly, expressive, loud, basically I act like my actual self. In Fight Club the narrator is more reserved, while Tyler is crass and does whatever he pleases without worrying about the consequences. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are a bit like that, though depending on the version Mr. Hyde can be truly evil and murderous.

I have always wished that there was a female equivalent to Fight Club, yes Black Swan has elements, but it doesn’t exactly fit, and this week after seeing Dr. Jekyll in Penny Dreadful I had a thought. I kept kicking around the idea of one woman secretly being two women. Alright so hear me out, the focus of the story would be someone who is kind of a wallflower, she doesn’t really put herself out there, but her work does a big mixer event and she gets convinced to go. She doesn’t mind her job and would like a raise so she thinks fine, I’ll be socially active and look involved and maybe I’ll get a promotion. She goes to this bar, it’s pretty nice, very laid back urban professional feel, and while she’s there she meets a woman. This other woman doesn’t seem to fit at all. She’s in like leather pants or something much more suited to a standard dive bar. Our main character is surprised to see someone like that at this place where everyone is sort of business casual and most of them have just come from the nearby office buildings. She can’t help, but sneak glances at this woman and eventually the leather clad woman calls her out for staring, it’d be a sly pickup line sort of thing, like hey buy a girl a drink first or something. The two strike up a conversation, but before things go very far, the woman in leather pants says she has to go. Before she does she asks for our main character’s phone. She puts her number in and says to shoot her a text some time.

Now our nervous main character winds up texting within a few hours, something sets it in motion, and the two meet again. They go out to a different bar, much more leather pants woman’s speed and spend the night chatting. Eventually they wind up going back to her place and much like in Fight Club they’ll move in together, though I’m thinking they move into the plush young business professional place. They only ever spend time together at night, though that isn’t odd they both work during the day and on the weekends the main character sleeps pretty late in the day while the other woman is at work. I’m not thinking giant underground guerilla organization style Fight Club, but I keep thinking it would be interesting if our main character was secretly ruining the company she works for, like leaking their secrets to the press or syphoning money into random accounts, something very corporate espionage. It turns out the other woman, who is also her, is somehow trying to make her life better. She’s there to make her happier and to help her achieve all she ever wanted, but in order to do that she needs to get her away from her corporate job. It’s not fully planned out, but the idea kept popping into my head and needed to put it down somewhere.

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