My Dog is an Adorable Weirdo

Hi Internet People,

My dog’s name is Bennett and while we’ve have him for like 4 years, I’ve only really been around him in the past two. My family got him from the local Human Society right before I went to grad school, which meant I only saw him when I visited home. After I graduated I wound up moving back home and now I see him every day. Now he doesn’t always hang out with me that much. My dad is his favorite person and he spends as much time as he can with him. This weekend my dad was out of town and I wound up spending a lot more time with Bennett.

First off he’s a pretty active dog and we take him out 3-4 times a day to go on a walk around the neighborhood. My dad is typically his walk buddy, though my brother walks him while the rest of us are at work sometimes. He has afternoon breaks in his class schedule and can normally at least run by the house for a little while. He was out of town too so I wound up walking Bennett as often as I could. Now after his walks Bennett likes to come home and chill with the person who walked him. This has meant that we’ve been spending a lot of time together.

Now here’s the second thing, Bennett is a very weird eater. Typically he eats most of his food, but he’s been taking allergy medicine, which means he gets extra treats. Not too may extra, but he won’t eat the pill unless we put it in bread with peanut butter. While taking his allergy meds his appetite has been a little subdued I guess. Not only is he not eating as much because of the meds, but he also pouts when my dad is gone. He mopes around and just sleeps a lot. I’ve managed to get him to eat, but I literally have to hang out with him in the kitchen while he does. Not totally normal, but it’s cute. He also totally slept an entire night in my room, which he never does.

He’s napped with me down there and when I used to work nights he would hangout during the day with me. On Saturday night he literally curled up with me all night and then the next day he napped on my bed while I was doing some video work. He’s a super cute dog and even though he’s weird I totally love him.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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