Mouse Traps and Witch House

Hi Internet People,

I didn’t write exactly the scene that I was planning, but I finally am on track to introduce some more Lovecraftian stuff very soon.

“Please be the landlord, Please be the landlord.” Ellery kept murmuring under her breath and she jumped off her bed and ran to the door. Anna chuckled, “I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen you move without food, drink, or YouTube being involved.” As she pulled open the door Ellery quickly turned her head and stuck her tongue out at her friend. The person at the door was not their grandmotherly landlady, but instead a rather hulking figure of a man.

“Gran said you called about a mouse.”

“Oh hi Doug, yeah I kept hearing something scurrying around last night. I didn’t see anything, but Anna and I set some traps up around the room.”

“Alright, well I’ll do some checking, just ignore me. Unless something jumps out I should be out in a few minutes.”

“Cool, thanks! Let me know if you need me to move anything. I sort of haven’t really unpacked much so the boxes might not be super easy to get around.”

Ellery and Anna attempted to pretend Doug wasn’t there, but the room was just too small and no matter how hard they tried it was really just awkward. They both just wound up messing around with their phones until he finally announced that he didn’t see any signs of mice, but that he’d check back in after a couple of days. As he was leaving Ellery remembered a vitally important question and blurted out,

“If something dies in those traps, you’ll take care of it right? Sorry, I just really don’t want to touch a dead mouse.”

“No worries, it’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I’ll take care of them.”

“Thank goodness, I’ll let you know if anything gets trapped before you come back. Thanks again Doug!”

Once he left the two women looked around the room with a mild amount of mouse related paranoia, they were hoping that none of the traps would suddenly spring now that he had left.

“You know what if you have like a Mouse Trap mouse and you never catch it?”

“Okay that mouse was adorable and helped create string cheese so I wouldn’t care if I had that kind of mouse. I’m worried I’ve got some sort of Rattigan style situation happening and this super creepy thing will just go crazy and leap on my face in the middle of the night.”

Both of them shivered at the thought of some huge rodent surprising them in the dark.

“Maybe tonight you should stay in my room, whatever is in here might be bolder without you here.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll grab some stuff and we can head down. Oh crap, book! I said I’d bring research stuff with me to my meeting at the end of the week and I still haven’t looked over that one book.”

“We can do a research night, the psych folks want me to send over my edited proposal in a couple days so you read and I’ll edit.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

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