Witch House Infestation

Hi Internet People,

I really got caught up on the rats this week and I decided to focus on what Ellery think is in her room this week.

Even with the blankets thrown over her head for protection, Ellery had slept fitfully through the night. Her dreams, though they were few and far between, had been filled with little clawed feet and rabid eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking that some sort of rodent was going to wind up on her face. Why her face was the focal point of these fears she wasn’t sure, but she’d been in such a panicked state that even though it was nearing noon she was still lying in bed and feeling exhausted. Once sunlight had started coming through the small window Ellery had jumped up and turned on the few lights that she had. She’d tried to get more sleep, but she kept jerking awake at the thought of rats.

Eventually she gave up on sleeping and quickly got out of bed, looking everywhere for signs of anything out of the ordinary. Mostly she was just looking for a tail or possible signs of gnawing. Ellery sprinted to the bathroom and grabbed the nearest pair of pants she could find. In her mad dash she managed to close the door and try and get dressed. The entire time she just kept muttering, “Don’t come out, I’m naked, don’t come out I’m naked.” Somehow that seemed like a way to keep whatever was in her room from attacking her. She ran in and out of the bathroom in search of the rest of her clothes and finally she managed to get an entirely new outfit on. Then she leapt back on her bed as though she was in some sort of wake up triathlon. Once she’d checked to make sure she was safe she checked her phone and noticed five missed texts from Anna. None of them were urgent, but the last one did suggest grabbing lunch. They really could have used the kitchen downstairs, but neither of them were very good at cooking. Ellery had actually made it through most of college by eating instant mac and cheese and canned fruit. Not together, but they definitely had constituted a number of her meals over the past four years. She sent a quick, “Coming!” text to Anna and shoved her shoes on.

Over lunch Ellery had tried to put as much caffeine in her body as possible. It hadn’t really woken her up, but she was at least functional as a human being now. Over fries and milkshakes she’d explained why she was so tired to Anna. They’d decided to pick up some mousetraps, just to play it safe, and Ellery called their landlord. She hadn’t been able to get a hold of her, but she left a message about the scratching sounds and asked if someone could come by and check her room. After picking up all of the rodent deterring supplies, the women got to work spreading super cheap peanut butter on the little plastic traps. Neither of them really wanted anything to get caught in the traps, but they weren’t sure how else to handle a rodent infestation. With the traps in every corner and crevice they could think of, Ellery and Anna climbed up on her bed to relax. While they were geeking out over some photo edits on Anna’s tumblr there was a knock on the door.

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