That Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale!

Hi Internet People,

I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and this second season has been full of so many twists and great music. I could probably have posted this on The Nerdy Girl Express, but Stacy is our resident Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writer so I thought I would just share my thoughts on the finale here in a slightly less formal way.

The first thing that I absolutely loved in the finale was the Slipknot inspired “To Be a Bride” number. Everything went from so bubbly and sweet to loud headbanging and yelling. This was just such a shift from the typical musical numbers on the show and having it be Rebecca and Paula was such a cool touch. Then following that up with the Robert reveal, I was totally making the same face as Josh as soon as Rebecca said it. I was not expecting a wedding related connection to Rebecca’s past to come up at all.

The stag party was also totally not what I was expecting. I was hoping White Josh would be back this episode, but I wasn’t ready for him to say anything about marriage. I totally agree with him about Josh and Rebecca getting married, their relationship was not at marriage level commitment, he’s a great voice of reason. Darryl was so upset though, I really think he was expecting a wedding to happen for the two of them. I did appreciate that he said he understood having kids, especially since he seems to really like Darryl’s daughter.

Rebecca’s therapist is such a great character and this season watching her try and help Rebecca has been intense. She is so desperate to get Rebecca to see that she’s repeating past behaviors with Josh. The moment in her office when we got to see who Robert was shocked the heck out of me. Oh my gosh, that is not where I thought that was going! Her mom continuing to cover it up shocked me, I thought she’d tell Josh or at least say he was an ex or something. Trent is so creepy, but I knew he would wind up doing something important in this episode. Teasing him in the previous episode was perfect because I was thinking he would do something even more intense.

Rebecca’s song about her dad and this wedding fixing everything had such a Disney feel to it. Like I could totally imagine one of the princesses singing it, but the message was so sad. Hearing that she had so much tied to the wedding going perfectly chocked me up. Seeing Hector and his mom together was hilarious! They are so fun together and I totally get the sweet yet almost creepy vibe. I was also really excited to see Heather again because she hasn’t been in the season as much in this second half and she is one of my favorite characters.

Then holy fracking frack that ending!!!! The Robert reveal and the fire and the ward and the song references from the judge and her mom. I just was in shock for the entire end of the episode. Also who puts a freaking open ledge near a wedding location?!?!? I was losing it and holding my breathe. Then Rebecca saying that Josh must be destroyed, oh boy. He may not want to leave that seminary for a long time. I can’t wait to see what season three brings!

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