First Night In the Witch House

Hi Internet People,

For this week’s addition I wrote Ellery’s first night alone in her new place. It’s just a little scene, but I wanted to get a feel for reactions and how to set up the nights in her apartment.

Ellery flopped onto her bed in exhaustion. She and Anna had been on campus way longer than either of them had anticipated after being given the runaround by the registrar. It turned out that all of their paperwork needed to be signed by department heads and they’d had to scramble to track them down in between all the semester prep meetings underway. Anna had been sucked into an impromptu advising meeting and Ellery had only managed to escape the history secretary after promising to come by later the next day with her research packet. Once they’d gotten away from the clutches of academia they’d been so tired and hungry, the coffee and bagels hadn’t kept them fueled for long, they’d snagged burgers at a little place on the edge of campus. With a full stomach and heavy eyes Ellery had gone back to her apartment, while Anna headed back to the psych building to check in with some of her research friends. She had no idea how long Anna would be gone and with the sky getting dark all Ellery wanted to do was go to bed. Groaning, she got up and with a sidelong glance at the still unpacked boxes in the corner, she threw on her sleep clothes from the night before. “It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone,” she muttered as she climbed into bed. Her laptop was still on the small table by her bed and she decided to throw on something for background noise as she dozed off.

She woke with a start and abruptly sat up. Her laptop had turned itself off and the only light in the room was from the dull red numbers on her alarm clock. As her eyes attempted to adjust she couldn’t make out just what time it was, but she could tell it was late. Normally Ellery slept like a rock, Anna even made jokes about it. Once they’d been staying at Ellery’s parents’ house and Anna had woken up, made breakfast, and finished an entire paper before she even got out of bed. Now in the red tinted darkness Ellery felt confused. As she sat staring around the room she suddenly heard a faint sound. It was a sort of scratching, though the noise was dull as though it were coming from far away. She tried to listen harder to try and make out just what the noise was, but she couldn’t focus on it. Each time she thought she had figured out where it was coming from it seemed to move farther away. Ellery waited listening for a few more minutes, but the noise was gone. Laying back down she threw the blanket over her head, just in case whatever it was decided to come back.

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