A New Witch House Scene

Hi Internet People,

I didn’t want to copy paste the whole story so far, but click here to read the first portion of the Witch House story. This scene starts on the next day so you could read it by itself if you wanted to.

At some point late that night Anna had gone back to her room, but Ellery had been so asleep she hadn’t noticed her friend leave. She’d tossed and turned a few times, but the stress of moving and unpacking had worn her out to the point where even though this was a new environment, she was just too tired to care. The loud blare of her alarm clock startled her awake, she didn’t remember setting it, but it wouldn’t surprise her if Anna had taken it upon herself to do it on her way out. Ellery hated having to get up early. She would have much preferred to go in to campus for lunch, but she knew that they both needed to get their paperwork squared away with their departments. Pushing herself out of bed, Ellery realized she actually wasn’t sure which tub contained her clothes. The plan had been to unpack everything last night, but after the wine, Ikea furniture, and the webseries binge, she’d sort of forgotten about everything else. She looked down at the Batman boxers and the oversized Doctor Who t-shirt she’d fallen asleep in

“Yeah, I definitely have to find clothes.”

Beginning with the closest tub, she popped off the lid, which revealed a coffeemaker, some mugs, and an assortment of small kitchen appliances.

“Nope, not clothes.”

Ellery opened tub after tub finding books, towels, sheets, school supplies, until finally she found pants. About ten minutes later she’d managed to find a random shirt, a grey hoody with the college’s logo on it, plus clean underwear and socks. She’d just made her way to the bathroom when there was a loud knock on the door.

“Ellery are you up? Come on we have to get going in like five minutes or I’m going to be late!”

She could just picture Anna scowling at the door and checking her watch.

“Okay, give me a sec!”

Rushing through her morning routine, Ellery was pretty proud of herself for managing to look like a mostly put together human being in what felt like two minutes. She shoved her feet into her beat up high tops, while throwing her hair up into a messy bun to hide the fact that she definitely had bed head. Anna was yelling for her to hurry up as she threw her paperwork and phone into her bag and grabbed her keys. With a slightly dramatic flick of her wrist, Ellery popped open the door and declared that she was ready to greet the day. Anna’s response was less excited and more exasperated.

“I knew I should have set your clock ahead by 10 minutes. You’re totally buying me two bagels.”

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