The Crooked Man Is Terrifying!

Hi Internet People,

Over the weekend I decided to take the plunge and watch The Conjuring 2. I had recently watched the first one and the spin-off movie Annabelle. I didn’t think either of them was remarkably scary, I actually got really bored watching Annabelle and was let down by how not scared I was. The Conjuring 2 though was way creepier than I was anticipating.

Not only was the main plot making me jump, but the side plot with Lorraine’s vision of Ed was also super creepy. There were so many more jump scares and the little girl channeling the spirit of the man who died was made more and more frightening throughout. There were a number of times that they shifted between her body and the dead man’s while she was channeling his spirit. Not only was that really clever, but it made it even scarier.

I was jumping a lot while I was watching it and I even had to watch part of it with my hand in front of my face. The nun that Lorraine was seeing kept making me think of a moment from my childhood. I wrote about it ages ago on The Nerdy Girl Express when we did a series of Halloween articles. If you haven’t read that article, when I was very young in the middle of the night I thought I heard someone calling my name. I walked to the top of my stairs and quietly said hello, then I thought I heard a woman scream my name from the downstairs. In my mind the person who screamed was a woman in a long black dress with a deathly pale face. That image was remarkably similar to the nun in The Conjuring 2.

The scariest part of the movie was the use of The Crooked Man. I knew once those kids started playing with that toy that the image would be used later on. That toy was just way to creepy not to be used later. The Crooked Man that appeared within the movie was introduced in such a frightening way. It morphed out of a dog! Then it turned into a massively tall man who was just horrific. When it attacked Ed I had to watch through my fingers because I did not want that image in my mind all night. Even though it was scary I really enjoyed this sequel, it was just so much more frightening than the other two movies in the Conjuring Universe.

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