My Concerns with the Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Division

Hi Internet People,

I did warn you that following the inauguration that some of my posts might get political. On Saturday while I was following the events of the Women’s March I became aware that there had been issues between Pro-Life marchers and others who were marching. Now I will say that having Pro-Life organizations removed from the organizing board probably inflamed issues, but at no point were these people told they could not march. The Women’s March was open to everyone who wished to be involved in a peaceful protest. Now what I read stated that things were peaceful until some Pro-Life groups separated from the march and began yelling at the marchers themselves. I was not there, I do not know exactly what happened, only what I read online. Those that were interviewed by Buzzfeed stated that they did not see themselves as counter-protesters, but their behavior does sound remarkably like counter-protesting.

When I was growing up while my parents did not expressly discuss their political and personal beliefs, I did attend Catholic school for a period of time, I went to Catholic church, and I even briefly went to a Catholic youth group. The Catholic Church has always been Pro-Life and I listened to them talk about it periodically every year. When I was in 8th grade I went to the teen youth group and one week I went happened to fall during the week where the Church focused on Pro-Life topics. That night I was given a piece of paper, pen, and told to write a letter to my mother to thank her for choosing to go through with her pregnancy. Yes, they wanted me to write a thank you for not aborting me letter. I was immediately shocked because I had talked to my parents about them having me before. They were trying to have a baby, I was not some sort of unplanned occurrence. I was literally a planned event, they wanted to have me, there was never a moment where they had ever thought of not having me. I refused to write the letter and sat quietly in the Church doodling on the paper and just waiting for the event to be over. When my mom picked me up I immediately began venting about the night and she looked very concerned. Not because I had not written the letter, but because she felt it was inappropriate to have my youth group equate all pregnancies with the choice to not have an abortion.

What I have struggled to understand my entire life is why Pro-Life movements are so divided from the Pro-Choice movement. Pro-Choice is not inherently pro-abortion, which is not the message you receive in Pro-Life institutions such as the Church. Pro-Choice is always equated with a woman having an abortion. That isn’t the case. Pro-Choice is just allowing a woman, or anyone who can carry a child, to be able to make decisions about their reproductive health. They are saying if you want to have a baby, have a baby and if you don’t, you have the option to make that choice yourself. Pro-Life is actually within the umbrella of what Pro-Choice stands for. When I hear Pro-Life movements arguing to defund Planned Parenthood or make abortion illegal I am concerned that they don’t grasp what this will do to society.

First Planned Parenthood is not a purveyor of abortions. They provide healthcare and medical services, one of which happens to be the ability to have an abortion. You can find a legal and safe way to get an abortion at a number of clinics, which are not Planned Parenthood in every state. You can also get go to your obstetrician, or any obstetrician and ask for one. While in the United States they may not perform the surgery, they are still legally a person who can provide you with the service. Second, making abortions illegal will not suddenly stop them from happening. Abortions have always taken place, they were just done illegally and dangerously. Women drank poisonous chemicals, had coathangers inserted inside of them, and I’m sure there are a number of ways I don’t know about. These actions are dangerous, but should abortion be made illegal they would happen again. If you need an example think of Prohibition. Alcohol was illegal, but people still drank it. We even glamorize the illegal speakeasys now.

What I’m saying is that the Pro-Choice ¬†movement is not anti-birth nor is it forcing women to have abortions. It is just for giving women, or those who need access to resources connected to reproduction, options and providing them safe and legal spaces to use them.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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