Some Witch House

Hi Internet People,

I wrote a little bit of Witch House stuff. It doesn’t go into a ton of detail, but I was just doing some stream of consciousness writing to see what came to mind.

The room was nice enough, a bit smaller than she had anticipated, but Ellery supposed she shouldn’t really complain. Campus housing had been exceptionally limited for graduate students and LC House had been more than willing to rent her a room far below the standard rate. Her decision to attend Arkham University had been motivated by her desire to study the rich history of the area and she had been hoping the house would be a bit, well, older. It actually resembled the sort of place she’d expect to see in an Ikea catalogue. The room was a sort of an off white shade, not exactly eggshell, but the sort of color you’d expect in a model home. Her room was one of 6. Three on the first floor, two on the second, and the sixth alone on the top floor, which is the room she had been placed in. The landlady had apologized a number of times for isolating her up on the third floor, but she’d been overwhelmed with renters and had only decided to rent out the top room as a last resort.

Ellery didn’t see anything wrong with the room; it even had its own private bathroom. Nothing fancy, but she’d be the only one who wouldn’t have to share. It had a small desk with a battered chair that looked as though it had been the companion of many a student over the years, a bed on a slim metal frame, and a night table, which sported a fresh coat of varnish. She’d been told the upper room had only one small window in the bedroom, which meant that natural light was limited. With all the texts she’d be bringing in for her research Ellery had actually appreciated the minor inconvenience of limited sunlight. She’d brought enough lamps to keep the room well lit and they’d do far less damage to the books than sunlight would. After carting all of her boxes up the two flights of stairs, with a bit of help from the son of the landlady, Ellery was laying on her freshly made bed taking in her new surroundings. She was startled by the sound of a knock at the door, but she was happily surprised to find her friend Anna standing in the doorframe holding an allen wrench and a bottle of wine.

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