Oh Shoot, It’s Friday!

Hi Internet People,

I completely forgot today was Friday. I somehow remembered to film and upload my normal Thursday video, but in my head I totally spaced on this being Friday. So yes, I should have something about Witch House up today and I totally don’t. Last week was a bit of a cop out because I just wrote about H.P. Lovecraft and how I started thinking about doing this webseries. This week I’ve got nothing.

Well, okay not exactly nothing, I have a very limited something. I’ve decided that I think I want to try writing my idea out as a short story first. I’m thinking that might help me work out some of my ideas a little bit better and then I’ll have something more concrete to post here, hopefully every week. Next week I’ll try and have at least a little bit of the story written up to share here.

Since this is a short post I’ll quickly share that I had a very nice break from work, but sadly my sleep cycle and I are still not exactly on the same page. I was practically nocturnal for about a week, which is a thing I commonly revert to when left to my own devices, and now I have to be a day walker. I’m trying my best, but I think I’ll still be a little off on my sleeping patterns for a couple of weeks. I hope if you had a break that you had a wonderful time and that you have a better time sleeping like a normal person than I do.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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