Last Day of Unexpected Break

Hi Internet People,

That probably makes it sound like I randomly didn’t go to work, but I wasn’t actually expecting to get this much time off during the holidays. Last year I was working at the video store and worked almost every day from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day because no one was available and I’m a single young woman with no kids so everyone thought I’d be cool just working all the time. I seriously wound up passing out on Christmas Day and sleeping like a rock after dinner. I was just super exhausted.

This year I got a little bit over a week off and I have done a lot of sleeping and lounging around. Managed not to catch up on like any of the shows I wanted to binge watch, but I did watch The OA with my family. I really hope it gets a second season because I am trying to figure out what stuff was real and what stuff was fake. What parts of her story were real, what parts were fake, seriously what even happened?! I liked it, but I have no idea how to take that ending.

Anyway after that unplanned The OA rant, today is the last day I have off from work so because I’m super exciting, I think I’ll just be laying around. Seriously I have nothing planned, but I haven’t really had solidly made plans all of this time off. Oh well, I’m just going to enjoy myself and relax. Oh and pack my lunch, I’ll have to do that.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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