It’s Christmas Week!

Hi Internet People,

I totally don’t know if I’m ready for it to be Christmas. Thankfully this year I won’t have to work on the holidays, I actually haven’t had to work on any holidays with my new job. It’s great for me because I get some down time and I can just sort of relax and spend time with my family. I managed to get all of my shopping done early, which was nice, but I have one friend who is proving tricky.

I had bought her a couple things that were pretty small gifts and I’ve been working on what I should get her as her major gift. I think I actually know what to get her and honestly I know she doesn’t read my blog so I can pretty much tell you. This is the one time it is super convenient that pretty much no one reads my blog like ever, I can say whatever I want, well within reason. She’s going to New York for a big choir tour next year and I’ve decided that even though I rarely do this, I’m just going to give her money. Now I’m not going to do straight up cash, but I am going to give her money to spend in New York because I think that will be a better gift than a random thing.

Hopefully she’s cool with that because it’s what she’s getting and even if she thinks it’s a lazy gift, still happening. I just think that the money will go to better use than if I buy her an actual present and she always buys me something expensive, which means I have to give her something expensive. I have gift guilt, I acknowledge that and I know I totally do. I also think I know how much she spent on me already, which means I know exactly how much my gift for her needs to be. I might just be weird, but oh well.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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