Wishing I Had More Hollstein Holiday Friends

Hi Internet People,

I know that I have people online to talk about Carmilla with and those people are awesome and I love all of their adorable faces, but I really wish I had more in person friends who watched Carmilla. I really want to be able to hangout with people in person and watch all of the bonus features and rebinge all of Carmilla. Also I totally want to have the easy option of just buying everyone I know Carmilla swag.

I don’t know if other people have this issue too, but I have such cool friends who are really into webseries and talk about them all the time with me online and no one in real life does. Every time I bring up a webseries with a friend I only really see in person they always seem bored or they say they’ll watch a show and then no matter what I say they totally don’t. I am hoping to spend more time with one of my friends who I think would really like Carmilla and I think I might use that to introduce her to a ton of webseries. I think she’d really like them and I need someone in person that I can watch stuff with too.

Let’s get to the webseries induction!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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