Witch House Character Beginnings

Hi Internet People,

This week’s Witch House work is focused on some character development. I have two characters I’ve been thinking about for making the webseries work. First off I need an actual main character for the plot to focus on. Now in the original story this character is male, but since I decided to make this be a sort of, kind of sequel to Witch House I can make the main character whoever I want them to be. I specifically want her to be a female character, but I don’t really have physical body type in mind, just a personality and some additional traits. I’m also still sort of working on the name. I have some in mind, but I haven’t really landed on a completely solid one.

For the time being the main character’s name is maybe Rowan. I like that name, but I don’t know if it’s going to stick. I also like Ellery, like the mystery writer. Not Lovecraft himself, but she is working to solve a mystery a bit while investigating the house and Keziah. For now I’m just going to think of her as the main character and work on a real name later. My solid plan for her is that she is a second year grad student studying history. She wants to write a thesis on witch trials and Keziah, but in her research she finds out about the previous events at the now torn down house. She does know that the house she’s staying in is on the land that was where the original house was. Her thesis research begins to change as she tries to find out what happened to the man that used to live where she lived. During that time she starts having what she thinks are dreams about Keziah and the house. She thinks the dreams are being fueled by lack of sleep, stress, and too much caffeine.

The main character often becomes too focused on work and it causes tunnel vision of a sort. She works and forgets to check her phone, talk to people, and sometimes even to eat and drink. Frequently she makes cups of coffee or tea, but leaves them littered around her room while she is working. Sometimes she seems overly tired and can’t bring herself to sound energetic or excited. She grumbles and complains about things, even randomly curses over minor things like losing the cap to her pen because she’s just too tired to function. She is also sometimes almost manically energetic, again due to stress and lack of sleep. When she starts having the dreams after more than two in a row she is going to start questioning her sanity and this sort of panic will need to be apparent in how she behaves.

Now the reason she is filming the videos is actually for her close friend/almost love interest. She met this friend when she was a senior in college and they grew close, but neither one of them actively was looking for a relationship. They still aren’t, but there is still a bit of romantic tension between them beyond just friends. I’ll have a better reason behind how they both wound up at grad school worked out eventually, but they did travel to the same school together and they live in the same housing, just in separate rooms. Her friend is doing a study on how grad school affects the students in different programs and is doing this through video diaries. Our main character has to record herself pretty regularly for the study. The friend will also appear in the webseries, but not super frequently I don’t think. I haven’t really thought about the friend’s character too much, except I do want them to be really close and for there to be a bit of a spark between the two of them.

That’s what I’ve got for today, not sure what I’ll focus on next week yet, but this felt pretty productive.

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