Witch House Planning

Hi Internet People,

This week I was going to reread all of Witch House, but that didn’t happen. Ever have one of those weeks where right at the end you just feel bone tired? Don’t get me wrong this week has been great. I had two amazing interviews, I’ve had some videos I really enjoyed filming go up, and I have a fun plan for a video I’m filming on Friday for My Kinda Recaps. Problem is I’m just so tired. I did though want to work on some more brainstorming. That’s the big part for me, I know I need to research script writing, but I also want to have a slightly better handle on my story idea before I do that. I’m actually considering writing it as a short story or something and then adapting that into a script.

In my Witch House work this week I read through bits and pieces of the original story again, which was really helpful in narrowing down one aspect of my idea. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to connect the story with the original or have it come after the original. That might sound confusing, but here’s what I mean. I could just adapt the original story or I could use that story as background, like a prologue for what I want to write. After reading some of the original again I definitely want to set it up as a continuation of the original. At the end of Lovecraft’s Witch House the actual house is destroyed, now if I move the plot into the present, which I was going to do anyway, I can have my main character be a woman who moves into a new home built on the site of the original. She can find out about Gilman’s experience and the trials of Keziah. I can definitely get that to work I think, especially since I want her to be a grad student studying history.

I have experience with doing that so I can blend some real life stuff into what the character does and I did study witch trials when I was an undergrad so it wouldn’t be a stretch to have her be researching the trial for her thesis, or at least something connected to the trial. In a new house she could live in any room, not just the attic, and still come in contact with Keziah, or at least the influence of the witch. While researching Keziah someone could mention Gilman and she could wind up researching him too, like a side project she doesn’t anticipate getting so involved in. Then the nightmares could arise out her research. See she could experience things Gilman did, but think it’s due to lack of sleep or spending too much time with the stuff. I’m actually really excited about figuring this out. I need to figure out more about my main character still, but I think that will be my project for next week. I know that I should want to stretch my writing muscles, but I have a very distinct feeling the character is going to wind up being a lot like me. Or at least have some pretty strong connections to me.

Let me know what you think!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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