New Name and New Episodes, What?!

Hi Internet People,

Forever ago I filmed a video about the Netflix series, Scrotal Recall. I had watched the first season a couple times and really enjoyed it so I thought why not. I haven’t really done any other Netflix recommendation shows and just remembered randomly seeing the title of the show change to Lovesick. I hadn’t thought much of the change, except that maybe Netflix thought the original title wasn’t pulling in as many viewers. Just as a note I liked the original title and it’s actually why I decided to watch the show in the first place.

While I was lounging around the house yesterday I saw something I hadn’t expected to see at all. The little New Episodes bar was on the bottom of the renamed show. I immediately hit play with no thought to any other plans for the rest of the night. The seasons are super short, season one is six and season two is eight. I’ll link to the original video all about season one because I really like the show and if you like the first season you can now just immediately watch season two. Sunday is the perfect day to lay back, relax, and watch as Dylan takes a trip down sexual memory lane.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “New Name and New Episodes, What?!

  1. You watched Scrotal Recall too?? I feel so validated haha. I really liked this show too. Have you seen season two? They also changed the name to Lovesick. I also really liked the progression of Dylan’s character in season 2.

    Also, if you want a random netflix rec, can I suggest 3%? It’s a Brazilian show on netflix. Dystopian, really cool sci-fi. I can’t believe that no one else is talking about it. I’m just saying =)

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    1. I really wish more people were watching Scrotal Recall, I just think that title if funnier than Lovesick. Season two was great, it felt like it had more emotional growth for the characters. Oh I’ve seen 3% recommended on Netflix, I’ll have to check it out.

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