A Little Bit About Supergirl

Hi Internet People,

I’m writing this one a little bit early so in the past when I typed this it hadn’t been Election Day yet. This version of me still has no idea who the new president is, but present time me knows who won and I’m sure has some sort of opinion. Okay, this is starting to read like a time travel missive so let’s actually get to writing about something that isn’t the election.

I finally started watching Supergirl, I know I’m super late to this particular party, but I was trying to get caught up on so many shows and then Fall tv happened so I wound up getting progressively farther behind. I have been hearing great things about the show for a while. A ton of people I know really liked season one and I’ve heard mostly good things about the second season. I bought the actual dvd set for season one ages ago, seriously Netflix hadn’t even mentioned it was getting it when I bought the dvds, but I got so behind that I honestly could have just waited. The box has been sitting in my room with a bunch of other dvds I still haven’t watched, I told you I’m behind, and I finally just said you need to watch this.

I got comfy and watched the first six episodes in one night, it was time change day so I got an extra hour, which was nice. I’m really liking it so far, Kara is really relatable and I really like all of the supporting characters. What was really fun is that Perd Hapley, who has a real name I just don’t know it, from Parks and Rec is a reporter in this too. I keep thinking about how a crossover event between the shows would be amazing! There was also a Middleman alum in the episode Livewire. Brit Morgan, who played Lacey, was the villain and I was super excited to see her. I have so many other show related things happening this week that I can’t really watch more until the weekend, but I have a buddy who said she’ll watch along with me. That will make it even more fun to watch. I’m hoping I can get caught up before CW starts pulling episodes from the app. Fingers crossed I can make it before that magical pull point.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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