I Had Such An Amazing Time!

Hi Internet People,

I talked about seeing Hannah Hart briefly in my review of Buffering over on The Nerdy Girl Express, but I wanted to talk about all the fun I had Thursday night and all day Friday with my friend Maria and my sister Mary in more detail. I was able to get all of Buffering read before I went to Columbus, which added to the excitement I was already feeling about the trip. After a long day at work Maria and I grabbed Taco Bell on a very rainy day and headed out. The drive was really wet, but we listened to an awesome playlist and got to our hotel a little before 8. We got unpacked and then headed out to pick up my sister.

We wound up stopping at Target, which is one of my favorite places and I really wish we had one in the city of Lima, I splurged and bought Halloween stuff and Mary found me some awesome clearance shirts, one of which I wore to the book signing the next day. We all wound up buying clothes, snacks, and Mary managed to find dinner in the 20 minutes that we went shopping. The store was closing and we had no idea, but we shopped fast. We got into the hotel for the night around 10:30 and we planned to get to the bookstore around 6 am, which meant pretty much no sleep was going to happen. Mary read all of Buffering, we watched Dirty Thirty, prepped for the next day, and watched a movie that I think Maria may have found in the Upside Down. It was a strange musical called Open House and there are only two references to it online. It’s so weird!

The next day literally looked exactly the same as the night before. Rain was falling and we were all wearing aspects of our clothes from the night before. I didn’t want my Hannah meeting outfit to get all gross. We got in line, we were really close to the front, and hung out with some really cool people and chatted, also complained about the rain, until we could go in and buy our books. Then we walked back out into the rain and got bagels and coffee at Panera across the street, took Mary back to school, and Maria and I took naps until around 11:30. Then we went to Easton Mall and I bought The Secret Loves of Fangirls and got a new Funko Horror Surprise box, I didn’t get Elvira this time! After walking around in the grey weather we grabbed tea at Starbucks and headed out to get Mary. We got ready at her dorm, Mary did my hair because I am hopeless at it, and then we went to wait at OSU’s Barnes and Noble. We got more Starbucks and I wound up buying My Drunk Kitchen. I was totally going to read it, but I was so excited I couldn’t concentrate.

We went up to the signing and it was all kind of a blur of things. We met up with some of the people from that morning and we all tried our best to not freak out. Meeting Hannah was amazing! She is so sweet and nice and really good at giving hugs. We were all so excited that after meeting her we hung around and tried to chill, then we grabbed Chinese food. We went back to see Hannah head out and then it was back on the road to take Mary back to campus and so Maria and I could get home.

Everything went by so fast and I’m still in shock that I met Hannah. I know it happened, but totally can’t process that fact. I wish I’d talked to her more, but oh well it was still great. My sister and I were talking about how it would just be cool to hang out with her because she’s so chill. I could totally make an epic cheese plate for the occasion. If you haven’t read Buffering yet you really should, it’s such a good book.

You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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