Edgar Allan Poe’s Transmedia Exercise “Weapon” #PoePartyFTW

Hi Internet People,

This time I attempted something a bit, literally a little tiny bit, artistic. The ravens are still hiding out from all the hubbub at the party, but they keep finding some very fun stuff in Edgar’s study.

After Balt and Phil had finished reading Ed’s book of eulogies, both birds stretched their wings and made their way toward the door. They had planned to leave when suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Ed doesn’t have that many friends, who else could possibly be coming to this party?”

“I don’t know Balt, maybe Whitman decided to drop by.”

“After that letter he had me deliver, I doubt it. Oh wait, I heard the word police. Looks like we’re going to be roosting here for a bit longer little buddy. Wait, Phil, where’d you go?”

Balt craned his neck about in an attempt to figure out just where his feathered friend had flown. In such a small room he honestly couldn’t figure out where Phil could have gotten to when he heard a muffled cry.

“Help! I’m stuck!”

“What the…”

He flapped over to a dimly lit corner of the study and found the smaller bird wedged between a number precariously piled boxes.

“Okay, hold still, I’m going to give your tail feathers a little tug and you should be able to slip out.”

As Balt yanked sharply on Phil’s tail, the highest box on the pile began to fall. Game pieces rained down on the ravens and nine cards landed in small pile beside them.

“I have no clue how you got back there birdbrain, but it does look like you unearthed something interesting. Those cards don’t look like the normal weapon cards you’d find in a board game. Hmm, looks like our killer might have been planning this a lot earlier than we thought.”

With a skilled talon Balt moved the cards around on the floor to reveal all the murder weapons so far in on convenient place.

img_20161012_235331947    img_20161012_235341665

*I hope you can mostly read those, I was going to do something fancier, but totally don’t have the skills for it. Also anyone else planning on buying a cheap version of Clue and turning it into a Poe Party game?*

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