I Need To Find Some Spooky Reading

Hi Internet People,

It’s the most fabulous time of year full of creepy and spooky things and I need some reading suggestions. I have a bunch of random books I still need to read, seriously tons of them, but I’m in the mood to read some spooky new books. I’m not sure what to read, but I’d love some suggestions.

I have Horns and two books from The Strain trilogy to read still. Admittedly I’m not watching The Strain on tv anymore, but I really liked the first book so I have the rest of them to check out. I’ve been so busy catching up on shows, I’m still woefully behind by the way, but I feel like I need some spooky books beyond what I already have. My local library has a pretty good collection so if you have any suggestions just let me know.

I should finish my Series of Unfortunate Events reread, I’ve been trying, but I’ve gotten distracted. They are sort of eerie, though not really Halloween level spooky. Honestly I just keep getting distracted. Remember my Buffy Live Tweets that just sort of dwindled out. I just got so caught up in new shows that I haven’t had time for them. I’m just so behind on everything. Sigh, I just need more hours in the day. Anyone have a time turner laying around that I can just borrow for a couple weeks. I’d get so much done!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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