But Seriously, We Didn’t Think The Kid Was the Anti-Christ Why?

Hi Internet People,

I have mentioned previously that I’ve been watching Salem Season Two. I’m still loving Lucy Lawless, but I’m a touch confused by how no one thought the devil was in Baby John this entire time. Mary was apparently super blinded by maternal love, because that kid never acted okay ever. Even when they revealed he was messed up in demonic evil, it really wasn’t surprising.

Alright so he killed a dove because it reminded him of his mother, which is immediately a red flag. Your son should not kill something that he relates to you, that’s like how to avoid matricide 101. Then when Mary went into his locked room she found his bed completely full of dead crows. The birds were literally flinging themselves at his window to try and get to him. The appearance of tons of black birds anywhere near your child should be a tip off that maybe something is up. Then the fact that he collected all their corpses and piled them up in his bed just because seems a very clear sign that he is not alright.

What bothers me even more is that I am trying to figure out if he slept with those bird bodies and no one noticed. Tituba was the only person in seemingly constant contact with Baby John and I think she would pick up on the smell of dead birds surrounding the little kid. Was he just not sleeping and filling his bed with birds because he didn’t know what else to do with it? If he’s full of Satan’s power I suppose sleep wouldn’t be necessary, he’d be like a demonic Energizer Bunny I think. Who knows, I’ve never had a demonic child so I really don’t know what you do with them or how they act.

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