In Which I Suck At Going Out

Hi Internet People,

On Friday night I went out on the town, well sort of. Earlier in the week I had suggested to a friend of mine that we should go do something over the weekend. We invited a bunch of people to go with us to a local bar that was hosting their first ever live band night. We had a few people who said they’d go along, but by Friday only my friend Bri and I were still able to go. After work I made myself a quick dinner and lounged around the house until I decided to start getting ready.

I did my makeup, which looks roughly the same every time I do it. Dark eye, pale foundation, red lip. Yeah, I sort of look like either a vampire or Harley Quinn depending on the eye makeup intensity. I then attempted to curl my hair and literally failed. Nothing happened and my hair just wound up looking like I had been asleep for a few hours and hadn’t brushed it ever. I wound up texting my sister and she suggested a way to make my hair a bit less bleh. Then I hung out at Bri’s and her puppy accidentally cut my hand, she’s teething and it didn’t really hurt. I just looks a bit like a long paper cut.

We got to the bar around 10, the band started at 11, and we hung out and chatted about our week. Then when the band started we watched them for a bit, but it just wasn’t that exciting. There were so few people there, with the band and people working there it was about 15 people total. We were just sort of there hanging out listening to covers of popular songs, which we could have listened to casually at one of our places. We wound up leaving the bar just a little after midnight, but this happened after I accidentally walked into the wrong unmarked bathroom. I don’t go to the bar often enough to know that, even though the bathrooms are unmarked and technically gender neutral, that one is assumed to be for men and one is for women. I had to pee and wound up walking into the men’s room, though again technically not a men’s room.

Admittedly I should just stop going to bars. I’m not really a bar person I guess, though a friend of mine who lives in a bigger city has offered to take me out one weekend to check out some of their favorite places. In my hometown though I think I should stick to plans not involving bars. I still had a nice time with Bri, but we totally could have just chilled out with her puppy and watched tv.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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