Let the Spooky TV Continue! To Salem It Is!

Hi Internet People,

I have been doing my best to get caught up on tv shows and I decided that I would start Salem season two before I watched Penny Dreadful season three. I watched the first season of Salem a while ago and while I probably should have rewatched it, I decided to just jump right into season two. The show might not be entirely historically accurate, I studied witch trials as part of a history degree so while not an expert by any means I know that this isn’t really what happened in Salem, but it is a nice and creepy show you can binge watch pretty quickly.

I started the second season on Sunday night and got through four episodes before going to bed. I’m writing this a bit early, but I do plan on watching as much as I can in the next few days. It’s going to be the show I stream while I upload videos, unless the rest of my family is also using our Netflix account, then I’ll just watch it after I finish uploading. I had no idea Lucy Lawless had a guest starring role in this season and even though I’m only 4 episodes in right at this moment she is amazing! I need her to start being in it more so I’m hoping that for the rest of the 13 episodes that she appears in every one. The other women are great to watch, but I was just really excited to see Lucy Lawless.

This season has had a bit more gore factor happening than I remember in the first season. It has been a while so admittedly I might be wrong and just thinking season two is gorier. I mean there are burnt people and a super gross pox going around, plus poisonous puke and a lot of death. The addition of the doctor is intriguing, though I’m not entirely on board with him choking people. I heard no mention of consent, which you really need if you are going to decide to choke someone. There are rules sir!

What I like about Salem is that it doesn’t feel like a deep thinking show, I watch it and just sort of enjoy what I’m watching without trying to puzzle out what is happening. I like being able to relax with something creepy, supernatural, and full of great female characters. I’m definitely going to finish it this week and then it’s on to Penny Dreadful season three, which I am woefully unprepared for.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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