Checking Out Slasher

Hi Internet People,

This weekend I finally decided to start watching the series Slasher. I had heard about it a while back because two of the wonderful people from Carmilla, Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis, both make an appearance in it. The title immediately made me think of the Scream series, which I have been pretty dedicated to watching. I mean I even did an after show on my YouTube channel. I’ve been way behind on the shows in my Netflix queue, I just managed to watch the most recent season of Wentworth. With network television shows about to start back up, American Horror Story starts on Wednesday, but most of them start the week of the 19th, I thought I should get to watching. I also desperately wanted to watch something with Carmilla people in it with the series dropping its first act on Thursday.

The series is only eight episodes long so watching all of it isn’t really a huge time commitment. I’m not super far yet, as I write this I’m on episode three, but I plan to get much farther. The plot of the series is interesting. The killer, known as The Executioner, kills his victims based on biblical punishments for sins. The people he kills aren’t entirely innocent, so far two of them have been connected in some way to deaths of other people. Unlike Scream, the majority of the cast is all in their late twenties, possibly early thirties. Those who are older than that are connected to the original murders that happened. These new killings have begun in connection to the arrival of Sarah, whose parents were killed before she was even technically born. Yeah, that intro was pretty intense.

What has been throwing me off so much is that tons of actors from Killjoys keep showing up. There have been so many and some of them have even been in the same scenes together, which throws me off even more. I do have one casting issue though. Sarah’s grandmother is being played by a lovely woman who definitely does not look remotely old enough to be her grandmother. She looks old enough to be her mother, and it’s not like her parents were super young when they got married, so I don’t understand why they couldn’t hire an older actress. My dad actually saw her and when I said that she was the main character’s grandmother he was shocked. The woman looks about his age and I’m younger than the main character.

Overall it’s an interesting show, it does remind me a lot of Scream and with Halloween getting ever closer I’m looking for anything spooky to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing how this season ties up.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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