Sometimes Life is Amazing

Hi Internet People,

I am sometimes wowed by the events of my week and this week I am honestly in awe of all the great things that happened these past few days. Today I have a bit of a break in my schedule sort of. I have a project to get edited up for The Nerdy Girl Express, it’s all about Carmilla and it’ll go up on Monday so keep an eye out for that. Today, while I mostly relax I wanted to take some time to celebrate how much I’ve enjoyed this week.

This week Carmilla dropped not one, but two trailers, as well as a full schedule of pre-release events and when the episodes will be airing. They also decided to do a preshow for each set of episodes, which sounds like it’s going to be really cool. I learned that Inhuman Condition will be airing the last 7 episodes of the series starting on Monday. One will go up Monday, one on Wednesday, and five on Friday. It is going to be super intense and while I’m sad to see the season end, I am ridiculously excited to see what happens to all of the characters. The My Kinda Recaps video for this coming week is definitely going to be long.

On top of that fun KindaTV news, last Thursday night I was able to interview Clara Pasieka from Inhuman Condition. I got to talk to her for about a half an hour and it was so great to learn more about the show and her experiences with the cast and crew. Clara was also very nice and a delight to talk to. I hope she enjoyed the interview as much as I did. It was also just so amazing to be able to talk to someone connected with a show I enjoy so much. I talked about it in my last My Kinda Recaps video and got a bit emotional, which I honestly wasn’t expecting.

Then on Friday night I got to be part of a panel that my comic book store, Alter Ego Comics, hosted for their Ladies’ Night. I got to talk about comics I love with two of the women who work at the store and after  got to chat with some of the women who were there about tons of stuff. It was such a fun time and I’m really looking forward to going to more of their events. The store also gave out free comics to everyone who attended and I wound up with some really great stuff. I also bought some cool things that were suggested by the other women on the panel. I’m hoping to post a video of it on my channel sometime soon. I’m making sure that it’s okay with the others before I put it up.

Yesterday I went to a football game, which is not something I normally do, but my dad won free tickets to the opening game and we were able to go to a nice tailgate event full of free food. Then after the game we went around campus for a bit and then went to get Greek food at a restaurant that we really like. I ate so much and I have zero regrets. After dinner we went to a Half Price Books and Target. I picked up some graphic novels, the movie, But I’m a Cheerleader, and also grabbed some fun Halloween stuff for cheap.

What made the day even cooler was that when I got home I had a box waiting for me full of Carmilla merch. I had decided to go online and order stuff since this is the final season. I had ordered a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, and a mug. I wasn’t sure it would get here before Silas Orientation week, but it did and I am so pumped. I’ll get to Carmilla it up so hard!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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