I Didn’t Die!

Hi Internet People,

Remember I said I was going to a concert on Sunday? Remember how I said I was making sure I didn’t faint this time? Okay, even if you don’t remember I went to a concert on Sunday in Columbus. My friend got tickets to see Delta Rae at this little venue called The Basement. Now my friend loves concerts, she loves concerts so much that she likes to arrive thousands of hours early to attend them. Okay, that’s hyperbole, but she normally likes to get there at least three hours early. This venue though wasn’t the kind of place where you can line up, which was great for me.

We got to Columbus around 2:30 for a show that according to the internet started at either 6:30 or 7. She had been convinced to stop for dinner, which she totally never does when you are going to a concert with her, and then we got her to stop at Barnes and Noble and check out the house some of her friends recently moved into. We had stalled her until 5 and then we headed to the venue. There was a baseball game going on nearby, but when we got there it was dead. No one was anywhere to be seen and when we finally saw a guy in the ticket booth he said you can’t get in until 6:30. We hung out on a bench and managed to get in a bit early, but only because a thunderstorm rolled in and the people running the place didn’t want everyone caught in the rain. Turns out the doors of the bar open at 6:30 and the concert was at 7:30 officially.

The show was amazing! We were right up at the front, which I totally wasn’t going to do, but the venue was so small and there weren’t a ton of people, so I was fine. We were leaning up against the stage the whole time and that got crazy. The opening act Castro was really good, there were actually three middle aged women who got tickets to this show literally just for the opening band because one of the guys in it was once on American Idol. After they got done we waited a bit and then Delta Rae came on. The show was what I would imagine if I attended some sort of witches coven in the woods from like the times of Salem. It was amazing and I had such a good time. After the show we were able to talk to people from both groups and they were super nice. I’d definitely go see them again.

Also huge plus, I didn’t pass out and I got to eat food. Woo!

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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