Edgar Allan Poe’s Transmedia Exercise: “Character Card” #PoePartyFTW

Hi Internet People,

This week on Twitter I learned that Shipwrecked is running a transmedia exercise in connection with the release of Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Each week they will present a new theme that connects to the most recent episode of the show. You can make fan art, write fanfic, or create anything else that fits within the purview of transmedia. You just have to tag it #PoePartyFTW and have it up online before Saturday at 11:59 pm pst of that week. I thought I’d give it a try. While it isn’t great here’s my attempt at the prompt “character card.”

Inside a dark and drafty home an elegant table is set for an upcoming dinner party, but outside in a bent and twisted oak two ravens sit hidden within the shadows of the leaves. Though the hour is growing late their cries sound shrill and piercing.

“I can’t believe Lenore said we can’t come to the party.”

“I know! It’s not our fault Ed wrote that poem about her. Heck, I’ve never even said                Nevermore…THAT DOESN’T COUNT!”

The larger of the two birds doubles over with laughter, which to human ears has a remarkably terrifying shrillness to it. His companion, the slimmer bird, smacks him sharply upon the head with his wing, but hops quickly away to avoid the bigger bird’s beak.

“You know what, we should have been guests of honor at this thing.”

“Because of the poem?”

“No! Because we’re a murder!”

“What are you talking about birdbrain?”

“I mean a group of us is a murder and it is a murder mystery party after all.”

“Is your brain made of down? A group of ravens isn’t a murder, that’s crows.”


“Yes, seriously. Why would I lie about that? A group of us is called a conspiracy or a                  constable, never a murder.”

“Oh…well she still should have let us come.”

There’s a flash of movement in the dining room and the ravens lean forward on their perch. On each of the plates now sits a card. With their curiosity peaked the birds swoop down onto the nearby window ledge. The two cock their heads in an attempt to read the fine print on the nearest plate.

“Does that say ‘fluent in Greek’? Does Ed even know anyone fluent in Greek?”

“It’s a character card you wingnut. The murder mystery is a game and all the guests                 are playing a character. Do you ever pay attention when we roost in the den?”

“Sometimes! I mean, I listened when he went over the menu with Lenore.”

“This is why we don’t get invited anywhere. Hey, maybe one of the guests will leave                 a window open and we can swoop in for some leftovers when they’re all                                     distracted.”

“Maybe. Oh shoot, Lenore. Let’s wing it!”

With a flutter of feathers the ravens return to their shadowy hideaway, but they keep their black eyes focused on the window in the hopes that they might still get invited to join the party.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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