More Wentworth Season Four Things!

Hi Internet People,

I had thought I’d be done with Wentworth season four by now, but I have been tired after work and over the weekends I’ve been reading a lot of comics. I want to finish the fourth season this week because I have a bunch of other Netflix shows to watch (Peaky Blinders, Slasher, Salem, and Lost Girl). I just have one season to watch in each of these shows, some of which are pretty short. Peaky Blinders and Slasher should only take a couple of days, but Salem and Lost Girl will take a bit longer. Lost Girl I literally haven’t watched because after the end of season four I just couldn’t do it. I needed time to process the whole Kenzi thing. I’m still not entirely ready, but I do want to finish the show.

Anyway, back to the topic of the actual post. Wentworth is freaking crazy! I say that all the time, but seriously this show does crazy stuff all the time. Ferguson has been stirring up so much crap. I feel bad for her because she has suffered trauma, severe trauma, but she is using those women to get what she wants. You can’t trust her, ever with anything. I just can’t deal with her being so shady all the time. Then while I’ve been dealing with all of that craziness, we have Maxine’s story line. She was supposed to get treatment and she turned it all down to help Bea. Literally putting herself at risk to go make sure that Bea stays on top. So yes, madness and mayhem just happening all the time at Wentworth. I’m literally just in shock all the time about what’s going on.

Once I finish this season I’m sure I’ll have some super crazy blog about everything that happened and how I’m not okay. I think I’m normally more stressed out when a season of Wentworth ends than when a season starts.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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