Helsinki, Clone Club, Freaking Helsinki!

Hi Internet People,

I’ve talked about Orphan Black on here before and I need to talk about the comic books right now. In season four we officially met Veera, who had been introduced in the first run of Orphan Black comics. Outside of the show Veera’s character was given a detailed backstory in the second run of comics titled Helsinki. I had tried to get my hands on this second set of comics, but my local store didn’t carry them and I decided I would wait it out until the graphic novel was published.

The wait felt like forever, but yesterday it showed up at my door and I immediately read it cover to cover. It’s so good you guys! I loved the other comics, I even have a framed one in my room, but this story line introduced so many clones and showed us not only Veera’s past, but some of Katja’s. We also learned how the whole Rachel/Ferdinand relationship got started. If you haven’t read the comics and are a fan of Orphan Black you need to find them right now and do it. They are just so amazing and they reveal so much about the characters that you haven’t seen in the shows. Besides the stories the art is gorgeous.

I now want to go back and rewatch all of Orphan Black, I mean I want to do that pretty much all the time, but the urge right now is so strong. I especially want to rewatch season four to find the connections to the comics that I missed the first time. Now if only I were going to San Diego Comic Con, I could find all my sestras and brother-sestras and bond over all of this amazingness.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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