I Wasn’t Expecting Green Room to Make Me Sad

Hi Internet People,

Since I still work at the video store I get a chance to rent movies a little bit before they release on dvd and one of the movies I grabbed that comes out on Tuesday is Green Room. I had heard that it was an interesting thriller from some reviews a while back and decided I’d check it out. Somehow in all my infinite wisdom of movies, so much sarcasm exists in the start of this sentence, I didn’t know that Anton Yelchin was in it. I didn’t even realize it until moments before I put the movie in. I was hoping that I’d be able to just focus on everything going on in this thriller, but my mind kept focusing on the fact that he died in such a tragic accident.

When Anton Yelchin died I didn’t say much,  I was so shocked when I found out that I actually thought it might be one of those reports that turns out to be fake. When I finally did realize that he was actually dead I just didn’t know how to process something that random. He literally just died, he wasn’t sick or doing anything wrong, he died because of an accident with his own car. You can’t prepare for something like that, I mean you don’t wake up in the morning and think today I should be extra careful because it seems like my car might do something completely unexpected today. Throughout all of Green Room I just kept thinking he doesn’t know that something tragic is going to happen, he just doesn’t know.

Yelchin’s death also happened during the same time that a number of tragic events happened, tragic events just keep happening so I guess that period hasn’t really ended, and Green Room involuntarily managed to dredge up all of those feelings of loss and sadness because of the presence of this one young actor. The movie itself is interesting, I’m not saying it isn’t a well done thriller, but I just found myself too wrapped up in feelings connected to Yelchin to really enjoy it.

I know this post was a little heavy for a Monday, but I really needed to share what I was feeling to work through the stuff that all sort of bubbled up while I was watching the movie.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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