Go Watch Inhuman Condition Right Now!

Hi Internet People,

KindaTV dropped the first six episodes of the brand new web series, Inhuman Condition, yesterday at 5:30 pm. I wasn’t able to check out the videos until late that night, darn my closing shift heavy schedule at work, but I was blown away. The trailers for the series were already terrific, but the series itself is just exceptional. In the first six episodes we met the three main clients of Dr. Michelle Kessler and learned a bit about Dr. Kessler’s life outside of sessions.

I don’t want to go into too much detail here, in case you don’t already know I do a weekly My Kinda Recaps video where I recap KindaTV series and this week’s will be focused on the first 8 episodes of Inhuman Condition, but I needed to express how much I enjoyed the first six episodes before that. I wasn’t expecting to meet Tamar in the first episode. She’s the only one of the three core supernatural beings that hasn’t actually had her powers defined. In her first, and so far only, session with Kessler we learn that she can’t fully control her powers and that when she was a child that she accidentally did something terrible to innocent people. This childhood trauma has led her to become tremendously anxious about being outside of The Centre, which is where she’s been living since then. The reason for her meetings with Kessler is to prepare her to live among people again. I totally wasn’t expecting what happened at the end of her episode, that was some very quick redecorating.

We then met Clara, there were two episodes devoted to her in the first six, who is a level three walker. In the series this means that she’s a zombie, but while she is late stage she still has control of herself. What’s exceptionally sad is that she is followed around every day by Frank, who is tasked with shooting her should she go too far. Clara is such an endearing character, but her story has an edge of sadness. She doesn’t want to continue living the way she is and wants Michelle to help her end her life. The third and final character meeting with Dr. Kessler is Linc, a lycanthrope. He was arrested on an assault charge and has been set up to meet with her in connection to his parole. Linc has a very important lawyer, who has represented a number of high profile lycan clients. In his first meeting/episode the tone flips on a switch roughly halfway through. We go from seeing a quiet and almost demure Linc to someone confrontational and slightly aggressive. He doesn’t do anything to Michelle, but he does make it very clear that he doesn’t respect her at all. There’s an unexpected connection between Clara and Linc, which I worry about in the long run. Both are trying to help their respective members of the supernatural community and their desire to come together does make sense.

Michelle’s personal life seems a bit rockier than I had initially anticipated. In the second episode she receives a number of phone calls from a woman trying to get a hold of her and later we meet her daughter, Mara. Before they decided what to get for lunch, Mara asks Michelle if she is dating dad. Now after the phone calls I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but everything gets cleared up rather quickly after hours in Michelle’s office. I will say that I am very excited that we have met not one, but two LGBT characters so far. I am ridiculously excited to see more of this series, it hooked me with the trailers and definitely did not disappoint. I’ll talk about it more on Saturday in my My Kinda Recaps video so keep an eye out for that if you want even more Inhuman Condition in your life, I know I do.

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